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If you couldn’t already tell from this post and this post, I love our wedding pictures. Having them on your computer to stare at  admire is great. But, I wanted to see them everyday in our home. Gracing our walls for me us to look back fondly at one of the most special days of our lives. I had visions of gallery wrapped canvases and large matted frames. Life-size photos and shadow boxes.

But, then I came back down to earth and decided on a more budget-friendly option. The classic gallery wall.

Newlywed Gallery Wall

On one of the tables at our reception I had a table that included pictures of our parents and grandparents on their wedding days. I bought several frames at thrift stores and spray painted them white {mostly 8x10s}. I also spray painted several other frames in various sizes for some of the other tables to label things {i.e. desserts, guest book initial, bubble send-off, etc.}.

Given that we don’t want to buy any decor for our current rental since it’s only temporary, I thought these frames would be perfect to display some of our favorite wedding pictures.

Newlywed Gallery Wall left side

I also included a few favorites from our engagement pictures as well to mix it up.

Newlywed Gallery Wall- Middle

These pictures don’t really do the gallery wall justice. I had a hard time photographing it. This room has the most light of all of our rooms in the house, which is great. Except that this wall is directly across from them and I had a hard time avoiding glare on all the glass. Sidenote: Does anyone have tips for how to avoid the glare?

Newlywed Gallery Wall Right side

My favorite part of the gallery wall are these wood signs. We had these on the backs of our chairs at the reception and they were made by the wonderful Gail of My Repurposed Life.  I found a way to mix both of them in and hang them among the pictures.

Wood Sign

Walking into this room everyday and seeing this wall makes me smile. Yes, the pictures are pretty and I love to admire them. But, what makes me the most happy is remembering that day and all the emotions surrounding it.

Newlywed Gallery Wall Side Shot

Remembering what it felt like to see him for the first time that day. How fun it was getting ready at the farmhouse down the hill with all my girls. Praying that I wouldn’t trip walking down the very long aisle. And being pronounced husband and wife for the first time and feeling like it was all surreal. The most wonderful real-life dream ever.

Newlywed Gallery Wall Side

How do you display your wedding pictures? 

If you like this gallery wall, be sure to check out my other gallery wall from my previous place.

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