Before Pictures of our 1919 House

Last weekend we finally made a trip over to the new house to do a little more scoping of the inside and take a few pictures. I thought I would share a few ‘before’ pictures with you guys and also explain some of the plans for how the interior will change. If you are new, here is a shot of the exterior along with the official exterior plans.

When you really look at the interior closely, the house has great bones and a lot of really cool details/features. It actually looks a whole lot better on the inside than it does on the outside.

This room is the first room you see when you walk in the house. It’s to the left and it’s what they used as a den/living room. This will end up being the hubby’s downstairs office and cycling room. The fireplace will sadly be removed, but the size of this room isn’t going to change too much.

Den Before

Here’s a shot of the entryway. A powder room/half bath will be built out on this side of the house and the entryway will be expanded a bit. We really want to maintain the character of the house and preserve some of its age. I’m hoping to incorporate this vintage fixture into the half bath somehow.

Foyer Before

The doors and door knobs in this place are to die for. There are beautiful french doors that lead into the den and dining room with these beautiful vintage clear knobs. Would love to include a few of these vintage knobs into the house somehow.

French Doors Before

Next is the dining room which is off from the den. Part of this space will eventually become our laundry room. The plan is to keep this chandelier as well and hopefully use it somewhere eventually. I have no idea if these lights even work {only assuming they do} but my hoarding self can’t part with them just yet.

Dining Room Before

The kitchen opens off from the dining room on the right. In the layout, the new kitchen will be here as well, just enlarged quite a bit. I’m debating whether I want to keep any of these cabinet doors for any diy projects. I think the hubby is beginning to think I’m crazy wanting to keep all these things from the house. But, these are things I’m constantly going to Habitat ReStore or thrift stores for and now I have my own supply. Seems crazy to me to trash when I MIGHT need or want it on down the line. #hoardingproblems

Kitchen Before

Now we will venture upstairs. There are three bedrooms currently upstairs and only one bathroom. Two of the bedrooms will be expanded and will be connected by a jack and jill bathroom. Here’s one of those bedrooms. This fireplace will also be removed. Sad, I know. But, have no fear, we’ll have plenty of fireplaces elsewhere!

Bedroom Before

One of the existing bedrooms upstairs will become my office. I’m giddy with excitement thinking about having my own office/craft/diy space. In our current rental, all my craft and diy supplies are either a) still in boxes or b) scattered throughout the basement in corners and crevices. I never know what I have and end up buying duplicates of things to avoid scavenging down there. The idea of having all my supplies on display and at hand is seriously so exciting. #itsthesmallthingspeople

Office Before

At the back of the house is this sunroom/sleeping porch. The light in here is amazing. I wish we could keep all of these windows, but this room will be split in half. One side will be one of the two expanded bedrooms {that will have the jack and jill bathroom} and the other side will be the third official bedroom we’re creating with an attached full bathroom.

Sunroom Before

Our new dining room will begin right at the back of the house along this brick wall. Going along with the idea of trying to preserve as much character and age of the existing house as we can, I asked if it would be possible to keep the brick wall in the interior of the house, and amazingly they said yes! So, this will be one wall of the dining room. Haven’t quite figured out if I’ll keep it this color or paint it. Waiting to see how the whole color scheme comes together first. Also, any suggestion on what do with those windows? I’ve thought about turning them into built-in storage type nooks, but debating whether to keep them and have them open to the laundry room.

Dining Room Wall

We’ll be adding an addition to the back of the house that will go smack dab on all that concrete. The addition will have our master bedroom and bath and also our family/living room.

New Addition

We’ll also be adding a screened in porch {with wood burning fireplace} and a deck to the back of the actual addition. The deck will reach right to the tree you see on the right {in front of that handsome guy ;)}.

Deck and Backyard

While we were there, we also did some exploring in the cellar. We’ll be adding a walk in-basement that will go underneath the new family room and connect to the existing cellar. This will be my storage room. Christmas decorations, mementos and the like will be stored down here.

Cellar Before

I love this old wooden door down in the cellar and am debating whether to keep or not {are you seeing the trend here…anything and everything old I want to keep}. Would you keep it if you were me? I do want to have a sliding barn type door in the house somewhere. This could potentially fit the bill.

Barn Door

While we were down there scoping things out, we found these old bottles. I’m pretty sure they are old liquor bottles {minus the mason jar}, but I’m just going to pretend they were old medicine bottles that have a storied past. In all reality, someone chose to hide their drinking problem down there I’m sure. πŸ˜‰ Think they could make great bookshelf accessories though.

Old Bottles

But, the finding that I’m most excited about and definitely keeping are all these doors and shutters. Old doors + old shutters= antique gloriousness. I doubt I’ll end up using them all in the house, but would love to come up with a few fun projects using them.

Old Doors and Shutters

And, you guys are in for a real treat today. I took some video while I was at the house in addition to taking pictures. I know it sometimes can be hard to get the lay of the land and layout through pictures alone. It’s a treat because I hate hearing myself on video and never like to take any. When I hear myself, I pity the people that have to hear my voice all the time. It’s just not pretty. But, lucky you, you get to hear it today.

I apologize in advance for it being 3 separate videos. I took the video on my iPhone and couldn’t email the full files to myself to edit together, I had to directly upload each video to Youtube. I’ll learn how to get it into one video next time I promise!

What do you think of the house? Looks a lot better on the inside than the outside, right?

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  1. Caitlin says

    I am SOOO happy you did this post! SO excited. I will heart hurt a little when you said you were getting rid of those two fireplaces but my faith was restored when you said there would be plenty others:) Thrilled about the brick wall in the dining room and keeping all the vintage pieces like the doorknobs and light fixtures. You are really going to do this house justice and make it vibrant again! Can’t wait!

    • says

      Thanks Caitlin! We actually may have decided to keep the fireplace in the downstairs office. We had fireplace remorse. πŸ™‚ We’ll see if they can without it causing too much of a headache!

  2. says

    How fun to live in a house with such….character! And if I were you, I would save everything, you never know what projects you could use them for in the future. My husband calls this hoarding, but I don’t listen πŸ™‚

    • says

      Thanks Laura! My husband calls it hoarding too. He’s seen my hoard stash already so I think it makes him a little nervous. πŸ˜‰ But, I think I’m going to take your advice and keep as much as I can! Thanks for stopping by!


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