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Over the last few weeks I’ve continued to spruce up our rental and add a few things to the walls and shelves here and there. Using only what I currently have in the way of home decor and accessories is a challenge, but a fun one.  It’s helping me to be less wasteful when it comes to spending excessively on unnecessary things like wall decor or coffee table accessories. It’s also challenging me creatively. Forcing me to figure out new ways to display old things.  And challenging me to think outside the box when it comes to decor.

Today I thought I would show you some of the new things I’ve hung up or accessorized in our humble abode.

In our living room, I finally got around to hanging up this banjo and these two decorative plates.

Banjo and Initials

The initial plates were a wedding gift and came with all the accessories needed to hang them on a wall. It was just a matter of finding the right place. I hung them on this little space of wall in our living room right next to this old banjo. The banjo was my wedding gift to the hubby. He had been asking for a banjo for forever. My dad had been keeping this one from my great grandfather for years and I asked if I could give it to Aaron. Since he was becoming a part of our family I felt like a family heirloom was much more special than a brand-new sparkly banjo. I did have it fixed up a bit, replacing a few missing strings and had it tuned.

In one corner of our living room we have a few teeny tiny built-in shelves. They aren’t in a great place to really be seen, but they were looking pretty pitiful all bare. I used a lot of accessories from my re-finished dresser and the built-in shelves from my previous place to accessorize.

Styled Shelves

We had a talented chalk artist work on several chalkboards for our wedding. One of the chalkboards he helped design was for our supper menu.

Wedding Chalkboard Menu

You may recognize this as one of the diy cabinet chalkboards I made a while back. He did such a great job, I hated to just stick it somewhere in our basement storage, so I decided instead to display it in our kitchen. Since it was a menu all about food, I figured it was fitting.

The bathroom was also in need of some TLC.  We got these monogrammed towels and wire tub caddy from Pottery Barn as a wedding gift. On the PB website, the wire tub caddy was used to hold soap, lotion, etc. I opted to utilize it as toilet paper storage instead.

Bathroom Decor

I have a few more areas in our place that I would like to spruce up, but for the most part, the decorating is mostly done. I’m saving all the big projects and decorating for our new house!

I am hoping to get around to working on a few organizational projects though {hoping to tackle one this weekend}.

What’s on your agenda this weekend?

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