Brown & White Christmas Decorations

Did everyone have a good Thanksgiving? We were able to drive up to Tennessee to have Thanksgiving lunch with my family and ate lots of turkey, dressing, corn, mashed potatoes and green beans to keep us full the rest of the day. Since we drove back later that same day, I was able to get all my Christmas decorations up the day after.

In years past, it’s been a family tradition to hit up the stores for Black Friday, but this year it was so nice to sleep in, stay in PJs all day and deck the halls. Today I thought I would show you all the Christmas decorations I put up.

We live in a small one bedroom duplex at the moment, so space is limited, but that didn’t stop me from pulling out some of my decorations.

Brown and White Christmas Decorations Tree Full Shot

My Christmas tree decor is basically the same as last year’s rustic Christmas tree. But, I felt like last year’s tree was a little too ‘brown’ so after Christmas and recently I bought I few more white ornaments and the white yarn garland wrapped with the burlap ribbon to brighten it up a bit.

Brown and White Christmas Decorations

Since it’s our first married Christmas, I also wanted to start adding more personal ornaments. You can see the ‘A’ and ‘M’ initials above. I bought those at Kohl’s the day after Christmas last year.

I recently bought this little ice skate ornament when we went to NC for a little weekend getaway. On our first date we went ice skating so I thought it would be a cute and personal ornament to add to our tree.

Brown and White Christmas Decorations

The little white stockings and yarn ball ornament were also new Christmas ornament purchases.

Brown and White Christmas Decorations

In our current place we don’t have a mantel, so I made a faux little mantel out of our tv stand and added garland and painted pinecones that I used on last year’s mantel. Side note, my mantel from last year was recently featured on Better Homes & Garden’s website. You can check that out here.

Brown and White Christmas Decorations

The stockings were a new purchase from a cute little store in NC and the Amazing Grace sign was something I already had that I thought fit with my brown and white color scheme.

I’ve been on the hunt for some driftwood decor and we found this cute little driftwood tree for super cheap at TJ Maxx. It’s now sitting proudly on one of our little side tables in our living room.

Driftwood Tree

I also added a little holiday decor to our kitchen.

Brown and White Christmas Decorations

I bought this custom sign from Aimee Weaver Designs and was just dying to get it up on a wall somewhere. The wooden dough bowl we got as a wedding gift from Pottery Barn and I filled it with a few tree springs, candles and cinnamon sticks. My husband made fun of me when we were at Home Depot and I said I wanted to go in the tree tent to see if they had any sprigs. He said sprigs wasn’t a word {all you decor people out there, wouldn’t you call these sprigs too?}. Anyways, since these were leftover tree trimmings, the guys at Home Depot let me take home as much as I wanted for free. Yay for free sprigs!!

{P.S. I realize this picture isn’t great. Our kitchen barely gets any light}.

What about you guys, have you gotten your Christmas decorations up yet?

I’ve been slowly working on decorating our place {not just for Christmas} and making it feel like home. Hoping to show you guys some pictures of the place soon!

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  1. says

    I love your brown and white tree! And, tell your husband that sprig is definitely a word. I’m a former English teacher, so you know, I’d know these things and I wouldn’t tell you wrong πŸ˜‰ Also, sprig is a lovely word for a decorator to use. “I think I’ll put a sprig of holly on my burlap wreath”…see, how that works? . I love words and having fun! I love your dough bowl full of sprigs and your sign. Found you from the Christmas Tour of Homes.

  2. Emily says

    Hi Megan –

    Thanks for the pre-Christmas inspiration. Southern Ontario is looking a lot like THE South right now, thanks to El Nino (between you an’ me, I’m not upset about it), so I’ve started with the outdoor lights and dug the wreaths and doormats out of the closet. Next will be crafting up some decorations in varying degrees of success. Last year I found instructions for a simple knitted Christmas ball with traditional patterns at the local library… and figured out how to fashion it into a Star Wars Death Star and R2D2 (um, nothing says Christmas like Death Star? Oh dear…).

    Happy crafting and best wishes for a Merry Christmas!

    • says

      Merry Christmas to you Emily! That sounds so creative with the Christmas ball. πŸ˜‰ I’m totally fine with warmer temps this time of year for sure! Although an occasional snow fall wouldn’t be so bad either! haha

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