Bedroom Before & After

I mentioned last week that I was slowly working on getting our place decorated and feeling more ‘home-y.’ This past weekend I was able to finish {for now} decorating our bedroom and decided I would show you a few before and after pictures.

The place we are in is only temporary until we officially buy a house. So with it being temporary, there isn’t any reason to go out and buy decorations that may or may not work for our next, more permanent, place. So, I re-used a lot of decorations I already had and made it my mission to not buy a single thing.

As you walk into our room, we put one of my old dressers along the wall. Here’s how it looked when I first moved in. The paint color was also already on the walls. We didn’t really see a point in painting over it without knowing how long we’ll be here. Blue wouldn’t be my first choice, but we’re making it work!

Bedroom Dresser Before

And here’s what it looks like now. You can see pictures of what this dresser looked like in my previous apartment here in Greenville and in the house we rented in Nashville. You’ll notice I re-used a lot of accessories from this re-finished dresser. And I also incorporated a few other accessories I had on hand like the little faux plant and picture frame.

Bedroom Dresser After

The dresser in one of the corners of our room came from my husband’s previous house. We ended up getting rid of the tv so it needed some accessorizing on top once it was gone.

Bedroom Dresser Before

Here’s what that corner looks like now. The ‘B’ is actually what we ended up doing for our guest book. Planning to blog all about the wedding with pictures and details soon so stay tuned for more details and more pictures of this. The rest of the accessories came from my room and dresser that I first used in Nashville.

Bedroom Dresser After

I of course had to find a place for my earring holder and necklace holder. I also incorporated my glazed mirror from my gallery wall  to add a little something else to the wall and this corner.

Bedroom Jewelry After

My husband had a king size bed at his old place, but since the rental bedroom is small, we decided to put in one of his queen beds when we moved him in. Here’s what that side of the room looked like shortly after I moved in.

Bedroom Bed Before

And here is what it looks like now. We haven’t bought any sort of bedding yet. I want to wait to see what our master bedroom will look like at our new place before we invest in some nice bedding. So right now everything is just your standard white. I did incorporate the bolster pillow from my old bed and a super soft throw at the bottom that we got as a wedding gift.

Bedroom Bed After

The lamp is what I had in my old place. I just took off the felt flower to make it less girly. You also may have noticed that my wood chalkboards are also making an appearance over there in the corner. They are currently displaying a fun little seasonal message.

Now to get the rest of the rooms in our house fully decorated.

Have you ever lived in a temporary place and had to only use what you currently had for your home?

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