DIY Burlap Sack Gift Packaging

In my wedding recap, I showed you the jewelry I got my bridesmaids. You may have noticed in the background, the little burlap sacks I packaged them in. I wanted to add a little handmade and unique touch to their gifts and also personalize them in some way. So today I thought I would show you how I made the diy burlap sack gift packaging.

DIY Burlap Sack Gift Packaging Opening

This tutorial is by no means rocket science, and in fact, it’s pretty easy and straight forward. But, I was proud of my little creations.

DIY Burlap Sack Gift Packaging

For supplies, all you need are stamps, an ink pad and burlap sacks.

A long time ago I bought these little drawstring burlap sacks from Pick Your Plum. At the time, I didn’t have a particular use or need for them, but the price was really good, and I figured at some point, I could use them for party favors, etsy packaging, or something along those lines. They sat and sat in my craft box, probably for a good year and a half, until one day, while doing some wedding crafting, they finally were put to use.

DIY Burlap Sack Gift Packaging Supplies

I found the stamps in the dollar bin at Michael’s and scoured for the first initials of all my bridal party.

I don’t have an in progress shot, figured it’s pretty straight forward, but literally you just stamp the initial on each bag.

DIY Burlap Sack Gift Packaging With Stamps

I bought all the girl’s jewelry at Kohl’s. The jewelry was all on sale plus I think the lady gave me an additional discount because she knew I was buying it for my wedding.

I went with very simple and neutral jewelry. I loved the girls’ dresses and wanted those to stand out more than the jewelry they wore. Plus, I didn’t want to get anything that they couldn’t wear again if they wanted to.

DIY Burlap Sack Gift Packaging Jewelry

Instead of making gift tags for their gifts, I ended up tying the burlap sacks with their initials to the bag to act like a gift tag.

DIY Burlap Sack Gift Packaging Presents

Super easy, but I thought it added a cute handmade touch.

What do you think? If you are married and got your bridesmaids gifts, how did you package them?

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