Our Love Story {Part 11}

If you are new here, I’m re-telling the story of how my fiance and I met. Here’s what you’ve missed::

The year before, Aaron went on a medical mission trip through his church to Kenya. He decided to go again in October. The trip was quickly approaching and while he was super excited to go, I wasn’t as excited. Him going to Kenya meant 10 days of not communicating with one another. I had gotten so used to our nightly phone calls and texts throughout the day that the thought of not hearing from him for such a long period of time made me extremely sad.

My mom, aunt and cousin and I had planned one of our annual girls beach vacations part of the time he would be gone. I got to see him the weekend before both of us left on our trips and I flew to Florida to meet the girls on the following Monday from Greenville.

Aaron and Megan's Love Story

I was in need of some vacation time and the beach is my perfect retreat, but as I was leaving Greenville headed for sun, sand and relaxation, I already dreaded the end of the week when he would be leaving.

To some, I’m sure the idea of not communicating for a few days {because in the grand scheme of things, it was just a few days} doesn’t seem all that hard. But, for me, he had become such a part of my life. We shared about our days every day. He knew how my work days were, what I had for dinner and what I did after work. And vice versa. Knowing the details of each other’s lives helped me to at least feel like the physical distance between us wasn’t all that great.

I did get us both journals to write in during those 10 days. So when he returned, we could share with each other what we each did and experienced each day.

Despite my efforts to prevent the end of the week from coming, the day he was to leave rolled around. I remember having my phone glued to me. I didn’t want to miss his ‘last call’ for a while. He was flying from Greenville to Atlanta and then Atlanta to Amersterdam before finally making the trek to Kenya. His stop in Atlanta I knew would be the last chance he would get to call. He called me when he got to the airport in Greenville and a few hours later he called me when they were about to depart from Atlanta. As he was talking, I was taking in his voice, wanting to remember how he sounded so I wouldn’t forget. We said the ‘love yous’ and ‘I’ll miss yous.’ I knew it might be difficult, but I asked if he could find a way to let me know they arrived. That way I would at least know they made it safely.

Aaron and Megan's Love Story

I spent the remainder of the day on the beach. Trying to soak up the sun and enjoy what was left of our trip.

Later that evening, before I started getting ready for dinner, I picked up my phone to listen to a voicemail he left earlier in the week. I just wanted to hear his voice. As I got in the shower a few minutes later, I started to cry. I already missed him so much. So much that it physically hurt.

I checked my email on my phone real quick the next day just seeing if anything fun had come through and I saw that he had sent an email! He hadn’t sent it that long ago, and he wasn’t sure it even went through, but he told me that they made safely. He apparently had wifi in his hotel and was able to email me from his phone. That one sentence email made me so happy and was all I needed to hold me over. I immediately emailed back letting him know I got it and to let him know I was praying for him on his trip.

The Monday back from vacation was filled with the usual catch up of emails and trying to trim my inbox back down to a manageable number. When I got home that evening, I checked our mail and headed in the house to catch up with the roommates. As I was sorting through the mail I saw his name. To my surprise, he had sent me the sweetest card. He sent it before he left for his trip, but wanted it to be waiting for me when I got back in town. I was so touched by the gesture and felt so loved in that moment.

Over the next several days, he was able to send emails before he started his day in the morning and I sent him emails each night before I went to bed. They were short and sweet but it was enough to let each other know we were thinking about the other.

Aaron and Megan's Love Story

One afternoon on my lunch break he even FaceTimed me. He was having dinner with his group and I couldn’t believe how sweet he was to reach out to me, knowing it was my lunch break. I got to hear his voice and see his handsome face which literally made my day.

The rest of the week was also full of some additional surprises.  He sent me a stuffed animal giraffe and elephant {they get to go on a safari each year and I said that’s those are the animals I would be most excited to see}, season 4 of Friday Night Lights {we had started watching the series and bought several of them and that’s the next one we needed}, and several sweet cards.

I was completely blown away at how thoughtful he was. He carefully spaced out his packages and cards throughout the week to help me not feel sad while he was gone.

I had dreaded those 10 days so much, but in the end, they were a blessing. The time apart reaffirmed even more that this was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I saw even more how thoughtful and caring he was and what a sweet husband he would make.

When he got back from his trip, we shared what we wrote in our journals and filled each other in on what we each missed.

Soon after the trip, I also started mentioning me moving to Greenville in our phone conversations.  For me it was never a question about who would move. He had a business in Greenville that I didn’t want him to give up and I truly missed South Carolina from my days of undergrad. It was a no brainer. The question was timing. When should I make the big move?

To be continued…

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