Mill Village Farms

Are you afraid I’ve fallen off the face of the earth? Have no fear, I’m still here. I promise that I’ll be back to posting regularly here on the blog eventually once I get through this busy season and we get settled somewhere.

But today I did want to share about something fun we were involved with this past weekend.

Our church here in Greenville recently started partnering with a non-profit organization called Mill Village Farms. Mill Village consists of three farms in the greater Greenville area. Their mission is to build small, sustainable, organically-managed farms that promote holistic development in surrounding communities.

Because the USDA has labeled many of these mill village communities, food deserts, this means the residents have a wide access ramp to heavily processed foods and a limited, often expensive, path to fresh, locally-grown produce. Mill Village Farms is working to combat this situation by establishing fruit and vegetable farms on neighborhood street blocks. Neighborhood interns and volunteers then serve as advocates for the community by sharing the fresh grown produce with other neighbors. They also want to train up the youth in these areas to have experience in agriculture, entrepreneurship, and basic job skills.

Below are some pictures of their farms. The top is their serenity farm, left is the mills mill farm, and right is their sullivan st farm.

Mills Village Farms

When I first heard about them, I thought it was such a cool concept and definitely something I wanted to be a part of. So this past weekend a group of us from church visited their serenity farm to help amend some of the farm’s beds and also plant some fall vegetables.

I failed to take pictures while I was there {was too busy with dirty hands and gloves} but here is a past volunteer group doing something similar to what we did.

We ended up weeding probably 5 or 6 beds in total and then prepped those beds for new crops.

Mills Village Farms

Another cool thing Mill Village does is they have a Good to Go mobile farm truck that parks in areas of town to allow community residents the ability to purchase farm fresh foods at their local churches, community centers or businesses. In essence, it’s like a small scale mobile farmer’s market.

Mills Village Farms

Local communities seem to be responding very well to the idea and I can’t wait to see them continue to grow over the years.

If you live in the Greenville area, I would highly recommend you check them out and sign up to volunteer. If you love what they are doing, but don’t live in the area, you can still support their mission by donating online.

Do you have a favorite charity or non-profit that you are involved with? Sound off in the comments so others can possiby get involved!

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