DIY Cabinet Chalkboards

Over the last few weekends I was able to start working on a few wedding diy projects. I’m trying to pace myself and consistently work on projects in the hopes that I won’t be working on anything wedding related a few weeks before the wedding {we’ll see if that actually happens}.

One of the things I want to have at the wedding is a few chalkboards to display things like the menu, drink specials, etc. So, to save a little money, I decided to make my own chalkboards.

Here’s how I made 2 diy cabinet chalkboards.

DIY Cabinet Chalkboards

A long time ago I found an old oak cabinet door at Goodwill. It didn’t have a hole drilled for a knob, so I decided it would make a good sign one day. I had toted it around from move to move, never having actually used it. When I decided I wanted to make chalkboards, I knew this large cabinet door would make the perfect menu chalkboard.

I also wanted a smaller chalkboard as well, so last weekend I hit up my local Habitat ReStore to see if I could find another similar cabinet door. And to my luck I did! Same exact finish and everything. Here’s what the smaller one looked like before  {I somehow accidentally deleted my before picture of the larger cabinet door}.

DIY Cabinet Chalkboards- Bare Cabinet

I started by priming each cabinet. With chalkboard paint, my experience in the past has been to always prime your surface beforehand. It prevents you from having to paint extra layers.

DIY Cabinet Chalkboards- Primer

Once my primer was dry, I taped off the interior edging with my favorite painter’s tape, FrogTape, so I could paint the exterior edging first.

DIY Cabinet Chalkboards- Frogtape

My plan was to use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for the outer edge of the chalkboard. The local stockist typically sells sample sizes, so I thought I could get a little sample size of their white paint. The day I went though, they were low on stock and didn’t have any samples left. But, next door they were selling Maison Blanche paint. So I got a little sample of their white paint to give it  a try.

Have you heard of this paint? It seems to be similar to Annie Sloan’s chalk paint but Maison Blanche paint is extremely low in organic volatile compounds {eco-friendly} which could be the main difference. They also have a variety of finishes on top of glazes {crackle mediums, embossing creams, varnish, antiquing dust, etc.}.

DIY Cabinet Chalkboards- White Paint

I applied a couple of coats of  the white paint around the outer edge and let it dry. The finish was similar to Annie Sloan’s and you would be able to easily distress it if that’s the look you were going for. I wasn’t looking to distress, so once it dried, it was time to move onto the actual chalkboard.

DIY Cabinet Chalkboards- White Paint Coat

After stripping off the painter’s tape, I re-taped the edging so I could paint the center of the cabinet.

I had some leftover chalkboard paint from when I made my diy wood chalkboards and used what was left to make the chalkboard part.

DIY Cabinet Chalkboards- Chalk Paint

After only one coat, you could see my brushstrokes and some of the white underneath showing through.

DIY Cabinet Chalkboards-Chalkboard Paint

Here’s what it looked like after 2 coats. Much better, but still showing a few brushstrokes.

DIY Cabinet Chalkboards- 2 Coats

I ended up doing three coats in total. Be sure to let each coat completely dry {I let it dry for at least 24 hours}.

But that’s it. Now you have two easy diy cabinet chalkboards.

DIY Cabinet Chalkboards

My chalk writing isn’t very impressive, so I’ve found a local chalk artist who can hopefully help me turn these chalkboards into pieces of art.

Will definitely take pictures and post the final product on the blog.

Have you ever made chalkboards out of anything unique?

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  1. Caitlin says

    I spray painted random baskets of different shapes and sizes that my mother had in her workshop with chalk paint and used them as Christmas gift baskets. I used white chalk to write Christmas messages on each one! I also found the cutest chalk board stickers at World Market and I’ve used them in my office as an alternative for labels.


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