Our Love Story {Part 5}

If you are new here, I’m re-telling the story of how my fiance and I met. Here’s what you’ve missed::

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So we met at the coffee shop, and emailed back and forth for the next few months. We also texted a little bit in between.

In January, as a last ditch effort, he asked if he could take me to dinner. Given that we lived in two different states, I wasn’t exactly sure how this would work.

His proposal, he would either fly me to Greenville on a Saturday or he would fly to Nashville on a Saturday and fly back on Sunday. Given the choice, I asked if he would fly to Nashville since I had just been in Greenville. We decided on a weekend in February and began to make plans.

Since traditionally the guy plans the first date, I offered up several options for dinner and activities to do and let him make the decisions/reservations.

On February 18, he flew into Nashville. I offered to pick him up at the airport, but he said he would just take a cab to his hotel and we decided I would just pick him up at the hotel later.

Aaron and Megan 4

Later that night, I picked him up at his hotel. My heart was pounding waiting for him in the car. As he rounded the corner, I got out of the car and gave him a hug before we headed to dinner.

We had a nice time at dinner. I don’t remember much about the conversation. I remember it was easy and comfortable, just like it was when we first met. I also remember him telling me that his practice had just gotten broken into that week before. He didn’t seem phased or all that stressed about it, which I was impressed by. And the fact that he still came down, even with some things he was dealing with back home, was incredibly sweet.

After dinner we decided to go ice skating. Back in the day, I wanted to be Michelle Kwan and even asked for ice skates one year for Christmas. I spent a lot of weekends at the rink, but I hadn’t been skating in YEARS. He said he hadn’t been skating before ever {which actually wasn’t true…sounds like he actually did go a long time ago when he was little}. But, we both thought it would be fun and apologized in advance if we ended up on the ice most of the night.

Ice skating isn’t like riding a bike. It doesn’t really come back to you. Let’s just say that I was a wobbly hot mess at first. My shoes were partially to blame. They weren’t tight enough which made it hard to stand up straight. At one point, we even got off the ice and he helped me re-tie my shoes tighter. I remember feeling so served in that moment and was really touched by the gesture.

Aaron and Megan 3

We spent an hour or so skating. Throughout that entire hour, I so badly wanted him to hold my hand. I didn’t want to be the one to initiate, so I waited to see if he would. He didn’t. When I told him about this later, he said he wanted to, but he couldn’t tell if I did or not. I admit, I probably gave mixed signals.

After driving him around downtown Nashville a bit and pointing out a few landmarks, the night ended and I dropped him back off at his hotel. It was supposed to snow that night, so we said we would touch base in the morning. If the roads were ok, I would come get him and we would go to lunch before I took him back to the airport.

As I was driving home that night, I kept re-playing the events of the night. I had a lot of fun, but I still wasn’t sure how I felt {if you haven’t already gathered…I’m slower than most}.

I thought it was a good sign that I wanted to hold his hand. And for the life of me, I couldn’t find one single thing wrong with him.

I knew I definitely wanted to hang out again, but I wasn’t sure when the next time would be. I knew there was a chance I would see him the following day, so that was at least a start.

To be continued…

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  1. Mary Jane Liebro says

    I love your story, keep it coming, maybe you should send this into one of magazines that publish fun stories like this ( love it). Next, thanks MJ


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