Refinished Dresser with Chalk Paint

Several weeks ago I revealed part of my living room and my storage solution for my clothes due to teeny tiny closets.

Today I thought I would show you how I refinished the dresser with chalk paint and turned it from drab to fab.

Refinished Dresser with Chalk Paint

I found this dresser at Habitat ReStore. Here’s what it looked like before. I loved the shape and curves it had, but it was definitely in need of some TLC.

Refresh an Old Dresser with Chalk Paint

The first thing I did was to take out all the drawers. I wanted to start by painting those first.

Refresh an Old Dresser with Chalk Paint- Take Drawers Out

Before painting, be sure to take off all the hardware. I kept the hardware all together in a Ziploc bag. I LOVED the original hardware and wanted to it them on the finished product, so it was important not to misplace any screws, etc.

Refresh an Old Dresser with Chalk Paint- Organize Hardware

The drawers and the overall dresser needed a good wipe down. There was definitely some dust balls, wads of gum, dead bugs, etc. in the drawers. So, I bought a pack of baby wipes, and gave all the drawers and dresser a good wipe down.

Refresh an Old Dresser with Chalk Paint- Wipe Drawers and Dresser Down

I had some leftover white chalk paint from when I revamped my old kitchen table using chalk paint. The chalk paint is expensive, but I have to say a little goes a long way. One quart covered my entire kitchen table and chairs plus this entire dresser.

Refresh an Old Dresser with Chalk Paint- Paint Drawers

Just like my kitchen table, one coat wasn’t enough. After two coats of the paint, I let the drawers dry.

Refresh an Old Dresser with Chalk Paint- Drawers painted

Next, I moved on to painting the dresser base.

Refinished Dresser- Dresser Painted White

One thing I forgot to do {and didn’t discover until I added the drawers back in} is that I failed to paint the small piece of wood below each row of drawers {you can see it in this picture}. Without the drawers it’s not as noticeable. Oops! But, I touched those spots up with paint when it was all said and done.

Refinished Dresser- Side View Painted White

Next came time to tackle the top. I used my handy dandy sander I got for Valentine’s Day to sand down the top. I liked the idea of staining the top dark to really contrast with the white paint.

Refinished Dresser- Sanding

Here’s what the top looked like after sanding.

Refinished Dresser- Sanded

Before adding stain, be sure to pre-stain your wood. I used MiniWax’s Pre-Stain wood condition. Just apply a thin layer and let it dry for 10-15 min. You’ll need to stain within a few hours {directions tell you the specific amount of time}.

Refinished Dresser- Pre-Stain

Here’s a picture after pre-staining.

Refinished Dresser with Pre-Stain

For stain color, I went with MiniWax’s Red Mahogany.

Refresh an Old Dresser with Chalk Paint- Stain

Here she is in all her after staining glory. I have to say, the top is my favorite part! I love how it turned out and how you could really see the woodgrain showing through.

Refresh an Old Dresser with Chalk Paint- After Staining

After the stain and paint were completely dry, it was time to add the drawers back in.

Refresh an Old Dresser with Chalk Paint- Before Hardware

One thing you may notice from the picture at the beginning of the post and the picture of the dresser in my apartment is the drawer handles on that middle drawer. That drawer handle was actually broken. I was hoping to be able to weld it together and make it work {hence the staging of it on that first picture}. But alas, that didn’t work. So instead I bought two drawer pulls from Hobby Lobby {50% off of course} and used those instead.

I was afraid it would look weird, but I actually like it. Adds interest and character.

Living Room Reveal- Refinished Dresser

Before putting any clothes in the drawers, I wanted to line them with something. Instead of buying standard drawer liners, I used wrapping paper and adhered it with Mod Podge. Here’s a great tutorial from Young House Love where they did the same thing for their nursery.

Refresh an Old Dresser with Chalk Paint- Drawer Liners

Now all the drawers look pretty with blue and white striped lining.

Refresh an Old Dresser with Chalk Paint- Drawers with Liners

I have to say, this is probably my favorite diy project yet.

What’s your favorite diy project you’ve worked on so far?

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  1. Amy says

    Love it! I especially love the combo of the white drawers with a stained top. Great idea with the liners as well!

  2. says

    It looks beautiful! I’ve found a similiar dark stained dresser to buy. I wondered- you didn’t sand the parts of dresser that you painted. Is it the type of pain that allows you to paint right over the finish?

    • says

      Thanks Helen! I used Annie Sloane’s chalk paint on the dresser. With that kind of paint you don’t have to sand or prime. The paint goes right over the finish which makes it easy. ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait to see how your dresser turns out!


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