Our Love Story {Part 3}

If you are new here, I’m re-telling the story of how my fiance and I met. Here’s Part 1 and Part 2 of our love story.

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We got to the point of communicating via eHarmony mail after a while and wrote back and forth. After a while, you are able to physically email each other. On August 2, 2011 I received my first real email from him. In it he asked about my Etsy shop, what Nashville was like and his take on dating and relationships. At the very end he included his phone number.

I. Freaked. Out.

Obviously the whole point of online dating is to…date, right? But, I had zero intentions of anything coming from this. The fact that it was actually ‘going somewhere’ completely paralyzed me.

Aaron and Megan-Our love Story

I kept telling myself, I don’t want eHarmony to be a part of my love story at all. I mean, how lame is that? If people were to ask us in the future how we met, wouldn’t they assume we were two totally desperate people and judge us accordingly? Clearly, I had issues. I self-admittedly care way too much about what people think of me. And I think that was lesson #1 of many that God intended to work out in me.

But, since I was stuck on the freaking out part, I just didn’t respond to his email.

A few days later he emailed me apologizing if I felt he was too forward {since he took my silence as an indication I wasn’t interested}. But, I still didn’t know how to respond.

A few weeks passed and he sent another email just seeing how I was doing and telling me about his upcoming mission trip.

At this point, I knew I needed to respond. I responded by saying I was sorry I hadn’t emailed him back. I said life had been crazy {which it had been}, and explained everything. That I didn’t know how to respond, that I had no intention of anything coming from this and what he still gives me a hard time about, asked if he’s on Facebook and mentioned staying in touch and being friends.

His email back was super sweet. He assured me that he really had no intention of taking this to a crazy next level, but just enjoyed talking with me and getting to know me so far. Whew!

Megan and Aaron- Our love story

Getting to know each other and being friends for now I could handle.

The email exchange kept going on for quite a while after that. Some months more frequently than others. And then, in a last ditch effort, he asked if he could take me to dinner. I wasn’t sure how that would work. He was in Greenville. I was in Nashville. But I said I was up for it and waited to hear how we would make it happen.

To be continued…

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