DIY Stenciled Canvas {Royal Design Studio}

There are a few bare walls in my apartment that were seriously needing some attention. I just couldn’t figure out exactly what I wanted to put up. I had a few shelves that I’ve used in the past and thought about spray painting them white and filling them with accessories. I still might do that for one wall, but I wanted to do something a little unique for at least one side.

So I decided to make a DIY stenciled canvas to add a funky touch to my walls.

DIY Stenciled Canvas

I have long admired Royal Design Studio. They make amazing stencils that are not only unique, but easy to use. So of course I wanted to use one of their stencils for this project.

I saw their new Herringbone Shuffle Stencil and knew that I wanted to give that one a try. For additional supplies I also bought a few different colors of acrylic paint, a canvas and a few small brushes.

Supplies- Royal Design Studio

The first thing I did was lay the canvas on some newspaper and then taped the stencil down to the newspaper using some painters tape.

DIY Stenciled Canvas

Since I wasn’t using a completely flat surface, parts of the stencil were popping up. To avoid paint bleeding underneath the stencil, I used the edge of a torn off piece of printer paper and lined it up around the edges of the stencil. I traced the outline of the stencil and then filled it in with paint.

DIY Stencil Canvas-Painting First Color

I did one color at a time. Marking within the stencil where I wanted that color to appear first and then filled in those spots with that color.

DIY Stenciled Canvas

I continued doing that with the other colors until every spot was filled in.

DIY Stenciled Canvas

Because I chose to line up pieces of paper around the edges of the stencil, the project took a little longer than I anticipated. I made sure each color was completely dry before moving onto the next. But overall, it wasn’t too bad.

DIY Stenciled Canvas

And now I have some fun artwork adorning my walls.

Here’s a look at what the stencil would like look like if you chose to use it on an entire wall.

Herringbone Shuffle Stencil- Royal Design Studio

Since I’m a renter, I didn’t have that option, but hopefully this gives you an alternative for you renters out there for using stencils like this.

And I have some exciting news! One lucky reader will win their very own stencil from Royal Design Studio. Come back on Friday to enter to win!

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  1. Andrea says

    Hilarious! Because I bought that exact stencil last week for my laundry room wall! It’s much harder than I thought it


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