Our Love Story {Part 2}

Today I’m back with Part 2 of our love story. I’m not sure how many parts there will be. Just seeing where it takes me.

Our Love Story Graphic

If you are new here, I’m re-telling the story of how my fiance and I met. Here’s Part 1 of our love story.


I gave in to my roommate’s ‘dare’ if you will and agreed to join eHarmony with her. I was super hesitant about it. In fact, I had no intention of even paying for the service. I was more or less just curious the type of people that were on it. I quickly learned though, that in order to see these people’s pictures {which, let’s be honest, that’s kind of an important factor}, you had to pay.

So me, being such a good friend, told my roommate to pay for the service so I could see what some of her matches looked like {assuming we would have some of the same} so I could decide whether I wanted to shell out the money or not. Well, one thing I forgot to mention was that I selected the whole U, S of A when it came to people I wanted to be matched with. Clearly, I wasn’t serious. If I had been smart {or maybe not given the turn of events}, I would have just done a certain number of miles from Nashville. Because let’s be real, being matched with someone from Montana probably isn’t going to work out.


So after checking out her matches, I realized hardly any were the same because she was one of the smart ones, and selected a small radius around the Nashville area.

Darn. Back to deciding whether to fork out the money or not. Curiosity definitely got the best of me. I was being matched with people and I had no idea what they looked like. Could they potentially be really cute?

Needless to say, I bit the bullet and paid for one month’s subscription.

Aaron and Megan

Soon after I was matched with a boy from Greenville, SC. I was excited about that because I went to college at Clemson and Greenville was only a short drive away. My friends and I spent a little time on the weekends in Greenville and I missed that area. I even said when I graduated that I wished there was a reason for me to stay. God definitely has a sense of humor.

We began to communicate back and forth. But I had no expectations of anything coming out of it. Little did I know that God had other plans.

To be continued…

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