Our Love Story {Part 1}

The first thing people ask when someone is newly engaged and planning a wedding is ‘how did you guys meet?’

Since you guys are probably asking the same thing, I thought I would share how my fiance’ and I met and our love story over a series of blog posts. I also want to share our story as a testament that God’s plans are bigger and better than you could ever imagine.

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Here goes…

It was 4th of July weekend. I had gone to Boston to visit my college roommate. We were staying at her sister’s house outside of Boston near the beach. Her sister, who was the last person I would have thought would make this suggestion, encouraged my friend to join eHarmony. She kept going on and on about how so many of her friends met their spouses that way.

Kristy & MeganWe both kept shaking our heads and said ‘no way.’ We assumed the pool of potential suitors online wouldn’t be great and at least for me being a girl, it felt a little desperate. I was only 25, right? I had plenty of time to find Mr. Right.

I left that trip and came home and told my roommate all about how my friend’s sister was telling us to join eHarmony. We laughed and then starting talking about the stigma that online dating has, but we both were a little curious. Were there totally normal guys online?

Kelsey and Megan

Curiosity began to get the best of us. Afterall, we hadn’t really met a whole lot of guys living in Nashville. Maybe there were some great guys but we just didn’t know where they were.

My roommate finally said, ‘if you do it I’ll do.’┬á I thought about it for a little while, then gave her my answer.

To be continued…

Here’s Part 2 of our love story

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  1. Judy Johnson says

    Hi Megan,

    Loving your story and can’t wait to hear the rest. I am glad to see you are doing well with your website and being so creative. I’ll look you up on Facebook share my journey too. Enjoying Seattle, WA and working at KING5 TV. Talk soon! Judy Johnson (formerly the receptionist at EMI CMG)


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