How to Make a Mossy Monogram

I mentioned on Monday when I revealed my living room that I made the little mossy M that is sitting in front of the lamp and books on my new dresser. Today I thought I would share with you how I made that little mossy monogram.

Dresser Reveal

I realize this isn’t rocket science, and there are a million tutorials out there on how to make these. But, this tutorial is the cheater’s way to make this {or in other words, probably the most imperfect way of making it}.

Mossy Monogram Tutorial

All you need is a cardboard letter of your choice, a bag of moss and some Mod Podge.

Mossy Monogram Supplies

You can adhere the moss to the letter in many different ways. I chose Mod Podge because I already had it and I knew where it was {aka it wasn’t packed up in a box somewhere}.

Start by adding a little Mod Podge to a small area of the initial.

Adding Mod Podge to Mossy Monogram

Then break off a chunk of the moss and press it onto the Mod Podge.

Adding Moss to Monogram

You’ll keep doing this on the entire surface of the letter.

Adding Moss to Mossy Monogram

Until it looks like this. At this point you may be thinking, um that’s really ugly. And you would be right. I told you this was the imperfect way of doing it. This kind of moss though is easy to pull and cut though. So I just pulled some tufts here and tufts there and trimmed with some scissors.

Mossy Monogram Before Trimming

Until it looked like this.

Finished Mossy Monogram

And there you have it. A pretty mossy monogram.

Next week I’ll show you guys the ‘before’ of my new dresser along with the tutorial for how I refinished it.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Anybody going on any fun vacations? I’m heading back to Nash-vegas for the long weekend to do a little wedding dress shopping. Fingers crossed I find something!

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