Creative Storage Solutions

I live in a teeny tiny apartment. It has plenty of space for little ole me, but when it comes to storage, it’s a little sparce.

I’ve mentioned before that I might be a borderline hoarder. I have a ton of stuff, I’ll be the first to admit. Most of the excess stuff that I don’t need on a daily basis I’m storing at my fiance’s house, but there are some things I needed to store at my place that I would need to use every now and then.

I do have a decent amount of kitchen cabinet space, but I also had a lot of kitchen items. After I unpacked my boxes and put everything away, I still had a few things that I didn’t have a place for. So what’s a girl to do…get creative.

Instead of using a normal table as my coffee table in my living space, I had this chest I got from Target a few years ago that I decided to use.

Creative Storage Coffee Table

And here’s why.

Creative Storage Solutions

Inside of it there is a ton of storage space. Those kitchen items I couldn’t really find a place for are now housed in here. And luckily these aren’t things I need to fish out on a daily basis. Just things I would need when baking or entertaining.

For those of you, like me, who live in small spaces, creative storage is essential. Here are a few additional creative ‘hidden’ storage solutions if you are struggling to find a place for everything.

Obviously if you were renting you couldn’t build this out. But, if you live in a small home you own, you could cut out some space within your stairs to store blankets, etc.

Storage in Stairs{Source}

This is a clever way to create some storage on your shelves while also making them look pretty. Create some hidden storage using books like Sewing Barefoot did. Great way to hide cords, remotes and other small items you don’t want to be seen.

Hidden Storage Books{Source}

Skirted tables are another great storage solution. You can hide some of your larger items underneath the table and cover it up with some pretty fabric.

Skirted Table

Here’s another great storage option that also makes your shelves look pretty. Hide a storage box behind a large picture frame and mount it on your shelves. You can store additional keepsakes or even stationary or important documents in the storage box itself.

Secret Storage Box{Design Sponge}

And why not take advantage of that space underneath your bed. Keep everything organized by using storage drawers with wheels.

Hidden Storage{Martha Stewart}

Plan to blog about another storage solution that I finished recently as well as show you pictures of my entire living room. Stay tuned.

P.S. Don’t you just love my pretty coffee table flowers?

Coffee Table Flowers

I took those from some of the many flowers I got on our engagement night and put them together in my new mason jar.

Have you come up with any creative storage solutions in your home? Do share!

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  1. Amy says

    I made a utility sink skirt for my laundry room and I love it! I used upholstery fabric from Hobby Lobby. It is so cute and hides a bunch of ugly cleaning products from view!


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