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It’s been a while since I have done a WordPress Wednesday post. For the most part, we have covered the bulk of what it takes to get your blog set up and looking pretty. But, there are still some things that can enhance your actual posts.

Last week I blogged about what we got in week 3 and 4 of our CSA boxes. I also included a recipe. You may have noticed that the recipe ingredients and instructions were formatted all pretty and had a print friendly option. Today I thought I would tell you how I did that.

Wordpress- Wednesday

Here’s a screenshot of how the recipe appeared in the blog post.

Ziplist Recipe Plugin

I kept seeing all these food bloggers post their recipes in such a pretty format that offered readers the ability to save and print the recipe. So when I knew I had a recipe I wanted to post, I did a little research to see how I could do the same.

There are actually several different recipe plugins you can install to create reader friendly recipes. To name a few there’s hRecipe, EasyRecipe and ZipList. Pro Food Blogger has a great breakdown of each of these plugins plus a few others you can check out.

I ended up installing ZipList and I’ll show you how easy it was to post a recipe using it.

First you’ll need to search for the plugin and install it. Click here to learn how to install a plugin if you aren’t sure how.

Once it’s installed, you will see a little spoon & fork icon at the top of your post editing window.

Ziplist Plugin

Put your cursor where you want your recipe to appear within the post and click on the icon.

Then literally all you do is fill out all the ingredients and cooking instructions. Like it says, you don’t need to format. It will automatically format based on where you press enter.

ZipList Plugin

Within your post, you won’t actually see the recipe you’ve created. You’ll just see the below icon instead.

ZipList Plugin

And that’s it. Now you have a pretty formatted recipe your readers can print or save for later.

If you use a different recipe plugin for your blog, which one do you use?

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