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I mentioned a few weeks ago about us signing up for our first CSA. We’ve been doing a lot of cooking with our fresh veggies and meat and are still loving it {planning to post what we’ve gotten these last few weeks and what we’ve made soon}.

With all the cooking we’ve been doing, the pantry is getting stocked up. Problem is, we didn’t really know what we had or where things were because the pantry was a little disorganized {and I’m partially to blame, I just stuck things wherever there was room}.

Pantry Before

So, a few weekends ago I took some time to re-organize the pantry in hopes that we would be able to better keep track of things we needed for our meals and not buy something we might have already had. Here’s what it looked like after a little organization.

Pantry After

The goal for the pantry re-organization was to not spend any money and for it to be functional. Mission accomplished I think.

Here’s a little breakdown of how I organized it. It’s basically organized by type of food {i.e. Italian, ethnic, baking goods, etc.}.

Pantry After Organized

I realize these aren’t Pinterest worthy pictures. But, that wasn’t the point.

But, what blog post is complete without some Pinterest worthy photos. Exactly, it’s not. So here are some pretty pantries to inspire you on this Wednesday.

House of Smiths Pantry{Source: House of Smiths}


Mint Green Pantry{Source: Houzz}


Blue Pantry{Source: Houzz}


Hidden Pantry{Source}

pantry makeover{Source: Kevin & Amanda}

If you don’t have the budget to completely re-do your pantry, here are some free printable pantry labels you can download to hopefully jump start your own pantry organization.

pantry labels{Source: Fab N Free}

pantry labels{Source: World Label}

 Are you someone who always keeps your pantry organized or could yours use a little attention?

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