Behind the Blogger:: Part 2

Several weeks ago I provided you with a few fun facts about myself to better help you get to know the person who is typing behind the screen of Megan Brooke Handmade {a.k.a. me}. Some ranged from my fears, to weird eating habits and my all time favorite show.

Today I’m back with behind the blogger part 2. This time we’re getting a little bit more detailed.

Megan Brooke Handmade

Here goes.

1.  I may or may not have a problem throwing things away. Especially if someone gave it to me. It takes everything in me to discard it. The BF can attest to this. I have more stuff at his place in boxes in his basement than he owns in his entire house. #borderlinehoarder

Clemson University Seal{Source}

2. I now live in a city near my alma mater, but I still get excited when I see people wearing Clemson attire or see Clemson car decals. It was a rarity in Nashville.

3. When it comes to grocery shopping, I always make a list of things I need at the store but half the time don’t even look at it when I get there. It’s like I’m in competition with myself to see if I can remember everything. Of course, without fail, I always forget something.

4. I have somehow become a clutz. Within the last week alone I’ve broken a plate, glass cups and a freezer shelf.

doll house back{Source}

5. When I was little I would spend hours rearranging the furniture in my dollhouses. Once I got them how I wanted, I never even ended up playing with the little dolls in them. My inner child knew what my true passion was, decorating. Only took me 15 or so years to figure it out myself.

6. I have a fear of thunderstorms/tornadoes. I’m the girl who needs to know where the ‘safe place’ is at all times.

crying baby{Source}

7. When I laugh really hard I have a tendency to cry. Sometimes it’s misinterpreted and people are afraid they’ve said something to upset me. I promise, I just have overactive tear ducts.

8. I love old people. Most people are scared of them, but I think they are precious. And when I see an elderly person sitting by themselves at a restaurant it breaks my heart. Makes me feel like they might be lonely.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas{Source}

9.  My childhood crush was Jonathan Taylor Thomas (a.k.a JTT). I was even an official member of his fan club and had his personal autograph (let’s be real it was a photocopy). But I’m sure you’re totes jealous right?

10. I make up lyrics/words to songs.  In my head, those are the real words and I belt them out with confidence. Case in point, remember Third Eye Blind’s song “I’ll Never Let You Go?” In the chorus I would belt out ‘I’ll Never Let You Go’ and follow that right up with ‘Another Pachinko.’ It wasn’t until my cousin called me out that I realized those in fact were not the correct words. Had no idea what a pachinko was, but just go ahead and listen for yourself. That’s totally what it sounds like.

You are completely allowed to call me weird now.

Happy Friday friends! What’s everyone up to this weekend?

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