7 Handmade Wedding Ideas

If you didn’t already know, wedding season is definitely in full force. I don’t know about you, but my Facebook feed is blowing up with people getting married. My favorite part of seeing wedding pictures posted is checking out what handmade or diy touches people incorporated into their special day.

So in honor of wedding and season, and for all you out there planning a wedding, here are 7 handmade wedding ideas you can make to add a unique/handmade touch  to your big day.

7 Handmade Wedding Ideas

1- Kraft Paper Favor Bags // 2- Cake Flowers // 3- Rustic Table Numbers // 4- Rope Words // 5- Printable Chalkboard Matchbox Labels //  6- Door Knob Table Numbers // 7- Wedding Sign

I personally really love the antique door knob table numbers. I have a thing for old knobs and love this creative use for them.

If you are married, did you diy a lot of stuff for your wedding or add any sort of handmade touch? Do share!

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