Recycled:: Square Spring Wreath

Spring is upon us which means it’s time to bring out the fresh flowers and spruce up our front doors with some ‘Spring-y’ decor.

I haven’t had a chance to work on a wreath for my door yet, but I did make one last Spring. Since I have some new readers, I thought I would recycle an old post and provide some {new to some} Spring project inspiration. Read on to learn how to make this DIY Spring wreath.

DIY Spring Wreath

The wreath started out looking like this. Pitiful, I know. I had made a faux boxwood wreath the year before and it had been sitting in storage for a year. So it needed a little TLC.

Old Spring Wreath

I decided to re-use the wreath instead of buying a new one. I removed all the greenery to start with just a plain square wreath base.

Square Wreath

To make the wreath, here are all the supplies you’ll need::

-Square wreath base
– Ribbon {of your choice}
– Faux Baby’s Breath {in this case, purple and green

Spring Square Wreath Supplies

I wanted the wreath to have a full/clumpy look. Typically when you buy the filler stuff at a craft store, you angle them into the wreath and they lay against the wreath. But since I wanted the baby’s breath to be front and center, I had to cut them down quite a bit.

Square Spring Wreath in ProgressThen I just started sticking the little pieces into the wreath, alternating between purple and green.

Square Spring Wreath Almost CompleteHere’s an ‘almost done’ shot. Now, forewarning, I had only planned on this little project taking a few hours at max. But, since I was cutting them down into such small pieces, it took a lot longer than I planned. It probably took me a good 3-4 hours total. :/ Some of you may be faster than me, but if you wish to duplicate, be sure to set enough time aside!

I also added some hot glue here and there to make sure some of the baby’s breath stayed in place.

Here’s what it looks like all finished.

Full Shot of Spring WreathFor the ribbon, I wanted something with a print or pattern, but I also wanted it to match the wreath itself. I knew our door was blue, so I also didn’t want to do something that would clash with that. I found this fun purple and white patterned ribbon and it added just the perfect touch.

Spring Wreath Close UpI strung the ribbon through a few of the wires on the back of the wreath and then just tied a bow at the top for it to rest on the wreath hanger.

Spring wreath Ribbon

Here’s a wider shot of the wreath on the door.

Full Shot Door Decor- Spring Wreath

What about you, have you made or added a Spring wreath to your door yet?

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  1. Jamilyn says

    Hi – I’m in desperate need of square wreaths wholesale. Where did you get the grapevine wreath bases? I would really appreciate any help you could give me. Thanks – Jamilyn


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