WordPress Wednesday:: How to Truncate Posts on Homepage

Today I’m back with the regularly scheduled WordPress Wednesday post. And today’s topic is all about truncating posts on your homepage.

Wordpress Wednesday

The first question you may be asking is, what does ‘truncating a post’ mean? Essentially it means only a portion of your blog post appears {instead of the entire post}. Readers have to click on the blog title or a ‘read more’ link to read your full post.

Some bloggers truncate all their posts so when they are viewed in a Reader, people have to click over to their blogs to read the actual post. Beth from Home Stories A to Z wrote a great post about not only how to do this, but also some of the reasons behind why some bloggers do it. So if that’s what you are looking to do, be sure to check it out.

For today though, we are just talking about truncating your posts on your homepage only {from an appearance standpoint}.

To show you what I’m talking about, here is a screenshot of the truncated posts on my blog homepage.

Truncated Posts on Homepage

For me, I have my two latest posts shown in full on my homepage and then four additional posts below them that are truncated.

You may be asking why would you need/want to truncate any posts on your homepage to begin with? For me, one of the reasons I do it is because I think it helps with readability. It easily gives readers a glance at some of the other topics you’ve written about and also prevents them from having to continually scroll through every post to get to a particular one they may be looking for.

Another reason is that it helps with loading time. The more pictures on your homepage/blog, the longer it takes for it to load. Readers aren’t going to stick around and wait forever for your blog to load. Shortening your load time also helps with your Google page rank. This article explains that a little bit more.

Now that I’ve explained a little bit about what truncating posts means and reasons to do it, now I’ll show you how to actually make it happen.

{Note: these instructions are for those that have the Genesis theme only}.

First, you’ll click on ‘Theme Settings’ under your ‘Genesis’ tab on the left hand side of your dashboard.

Genesis Theme Settings

Keep scrolling until you come to the section that says ‘Teaser Boxes Settings.’

The teaser box includes your thumbnail image, post title, and teaser text from your blog. You can change the height and width of your teaser box here in these settings {for example, I widened mine to 300 and made the height 475 so that my entire title is shown and a significant amount of text appears as well}.

Truncating Posts in Genesis

Play around with the size. See what fits best on your homepage. You can also change the featured post settings. Featured posts would be the posts that appear in full on your homepage. I chose to have 2 full posts appear before my teasers.

If you keep scrolling, you will see additional settings. Here you can change the amount of characters from your post that appear in the teaser as well as the size of the image thumbnail.

Truncating Posts in Genesis

You can also specify how many posts total you want to appear on your homepage. I chose 6. That means 2 of my posts appear in full, and 4 are shown as teasers.

By making these changes, this will also make any subsequent post {on additional pages} also appear as teasers.

That’s it though. Now, if you so choose, you can truncate some or all of your posts on your homepage.

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