WordPress Wednesday:: How to Generate Related Post Thumbnails

For those of you that don’t blog, you may be getting tired of WordPress Wednesday. I promise I won’t be talking about WordPress every Wednesday. I plan to switch it up every now and then.

But, for those that do blog, hopefully this series is somewhat helpful to you. I know when I first started using WordPress I would have loved for someone to explain all this stuff to me. So with that said, for today’s WordPress Wednesday, I wanted to show you how to generate related post links and thumbnails after your posts.

Wordpress Wednesday

In case you don’t know what I’m referring to when I say related posts, here’s a screenshot of how they are appear at the end of my posts {this is from last week’s WordPress Wednesday post}.

Related Posts Thumbnails Plugin

Based on the topic and content of your blog post, related posts appear at the bottom following the post. If your readers like the post they are reading, this allows them the opportunity to find more posts related to the same topic.

And it’s super easy to get these related posts to appear. It’s generated from a plugin called ‘Related Post Thumbnails.’ First step as usual is to search for the plugin in your “Plugin’ tab in your Dashboard.

Related Posts Thumbnails Plugin

Once you’ve got it installed, you’ll click on your ‘Settings’ tab and then find ‘Related Posts Thumbnails.’ {If you aren’t sure how to install a plugin, be sure to check out this previous WordPress Wednesday post}.

Related Posts Thumbnails Plugin Settings

Under settings, you are able to customize some of the features for the plugin.

You can choose if you want the related post thumbnails to appear after each post or after a page. You can also select how many thumbnails you wish to appear.

Related Posts Thumbnails Custom Settings

Under source, you can select whether you want to show thumbnails from posts with an assigned featured image.

Related Posts Custom Settings

If you aren’t familiar with a featured image I’ll show you what they are talking about. In your Dashboard when you are writing a new post, in the bottom right hand corner you’ll see a section called ‘Featured Image.’

Featured Image

By selecting a featured image and checking that option in the related posts thumbnails plugin settings, you have control over what image will appear as the thumbnail {vs. it randomly generating an image from the post that you may not like}. This way you are able to pick the best image that hopefully will entice your readers to click on the featured thumbnail to click over and read the whole post.

Under settings in the plugin, you also have the ability to customize the font and colors for the thumbnails.

Related Posts Custom Settings

And can also choose how the plugin will generate posts {based on just categories or tags or both, etc.}.

Related Posts Custom Settings

Another option to generate related posts is through LinkWithin. There are a lot of people that go this route as well and it’s easy to install {I used it when I had my blog on Blogspot}.

Now between these related post links following your posts, your search bar and tag cloud, your readers have several ways to find the content that interests them.

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