WordPress Wednesday:: How To Add “Pin It” Button To Posts

If you haven’t heard of Pinterest, you have been living under a rock. If you have heard of Pinterest, you know it’s a super popular social media tool/website. With the advent of Pinterest, having ‘pinnable’ images on your blog has become hugely important.

Wordpress Wednesday

As promised, today I’m showing you how to add a ‘Pin It’ button before or after your posts to help your readers more easily pin your images to their Pinterest boards.

There are a few different ways you can do this, but I generated mine by installing a plugin. The plugin you will need to search for in your ‘Plugins’ toolbar is “Pinterest ‘Pin It’ Button.”

Pin It Button Plugin

Once it pulls up after you hit search, you’ll need to select ‘Install Now.’

Installing Pin It Button Plugin

Now that it’s installed, you have the ability to customize the settings and how you want them to appear. Under your ‘Plugins’ tab on the left side of your dashboard, select ‘Installed Plugins.’

Installed Plugins

Scroll down until you find the plugin and select ‘Settings.’

Pinterest Button Settings

This will open up a screen with several different options for customizing. The first option you have is to select whether you want the user to select the image they want to pin or have a pre-selected image for them to pin. This comes down to personal preference. Some people would rather people pin only certain images from their blogs. For me personally, I want people to have the ability to pin whatever inspires them so I chose the setting that allowed users to select their image.

Pinterest Button Plugin Settings

You also have the ability to customize where the button appears {whether on the home page, individual posts, etc.}.

Pinterest Button Plugin Settings

You can also choose if you want it above or below content or both.Pinterest Button Plugin Settings

I actually have my buttons appear both above and below content.

Pin It Button Before Post


Pin It Button After Post


There is an alternative to the button. Instead of having a ‘Pin It’ button before or after your posts, you could instead add a ‘Pin It’ mouseover button to your blog photos.

how to add a pin it mouse over button to your blog photos

Kevin & Amanda has a great tutorial to show you how to do that if you prefer that option.

Regardless of the method you prefer, encouraging your readers to pin your content is another great way to help reach and inspire more people.

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