No Sew Curtain Valences

Last week I talked about the drop cloth curtains I hung in my dining area and the diy tie backs I made for them.

I also ‘made’ new curtains for my living room. {‘Made’ is in quotations because it didn’t require any sewing or take a lot of skill really}. Today I thought I would show you the finished product though.

I made two no sew valences for the windows in the room. New Curtain Valence with textHere’s some pictures of what was hanging up before for the two windows in the living room.

Old Curtain Valences{Yes, that is an antenna in the window in case you were wondering. Decided to go sans cable.}

Old Curtain Valences 2

I thought the size of the curtains that were hung were best for the windows since there are shutters underneath. The curtain fabric that was up was pretty, but just didn’t really match the rest of the stuff I have. So I went out to find a couple of yards of fabric. I wanted the fabric to somewhat match my drop cloth curtains {the living room and dining room are basically one big open room}.

I found this linen fabric at a local Hancock Fabrics store. Since I don’t know how to sew, I went with my tried and true way of making curtains..iron on hemming strips.

New Curtain Valences

Since I wanted the new curtains to be the same size as the old ones, I laid out all the fabric on the floor and laid the old curtain panel on top to measure.

Cutting Curtain Valences

I left a little bit of extra fabric around the edges to form hems.

Cut Curtain Valence

Just like how I did my no sew drop cloth curtains, I just laid out the iron on hem strips at the edges of the fabric.

Curtain Iron On Hem

And folded the edges over and ironed on top.

Ironing on Hem

Seriously the easiest way to make curtains ever. I may never feel the need to learn to sew if I keep doing projects like this.

Here’s a picture of one of the finished curtain valences that I showed you at the beginning of the post.

New Curtain Valence

Here’s the valence over the other window.

New Curtain Valence 2

I still have one final project I need to work on before I show you complete pictures of the living room. {The plan is to actually start on that project this weekend}.

Hopefully all goes well and I’ll have pictures to show you within the next few weeks.

What are you up to this weekend? Any diy projects on your to do list?

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