New Apartment Bathroom

Last week I showed you my room all unpacked and decorated. Today I thought I would show you my bathroom.

The bathroom is pretty small, but actually has lots of character.

New Apartment Bathroom

Here’s a straight on angle.

Apartment Bathroom

I haven’t really done a ton of decorating in the bathroom. Can’t figure out what to do with that space above the toilet. Because of the outlet, it makes it a little awkward.

I did hang up my gold ruffled shower curtain. I got it at Bed Bath and Beyond years ago on clearance, but I absolutely love it. The shower also has a window in it {covered up by another shower curtain of course} but I love the amount of light that it lets in.

My favorite part of the bathroom is the barn light above the sink.

New Apartment Bathroom 2

Combined with the real wood on the walls in the bathroom, the room definitely has a rustic/barn feel which I actually love.

When I first looked at the place, I didn’t remember seeing a lot of storage. So when I moved in, I was pleasantly surprised to find more storage than I remembered. There is a medicine cabinet for storage as well as storage under the sink. There is a also a little cubby  along one of the walls for storage.

New Apartment Bathroom 3

{Can’t believe I’m showing the whole world my bathroom closet, but it’s all about showing you everything, right?}

I’ve got the cubby pretty organized {although it may not look that way}, just have a lot of stuff crammed into a small space. Bought the little wire metal baskets at the top from Target. Perfect to organize small bathroom items.

I know this wasn’t the most pretty or glamorous room you could see, but again, I hope it inspires those that may not be in their dream place that you can make any space cute and cozy with a little creativity. More pictures of the place to come!

Happy Friday friends!

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