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It’s been a while since I blogged about a set design. With my new job I won’t be doing any set design, so unfortunately I won’t really be blogging about those anymore. But, before I left Nashville, I did work on a set that I haven’t blogged about yet. Thought I would show it to you guys today.

I apologize in advance, these pictures are terrible. That’s because A) My camera battery died so I had to use my phone for most and B) things were crazy at work and I was trying to move a mile a minute so taking great pictures wasn’t my top priority.

The set I worked on was for Josh Wilson. Here’s a shot I took with my phone while he was actually filming in front of it.

Josh Wilson Set Design Live

This was probably one of the most simple sets I ever worked on. But, I had a really hard time trying to figure out what to do for it. I didn’t have the time to come up with something elaborate, so I knew it needed to be really simple. So, in the end I tried to create a set that represented the overall theme and art from his single artwork {below}.

josh wilson carry my

Since his cover had lots of pops of color in it and it looked similar to color blocking, I took that theme and ran with it {hence the hanging color blocked artwork in the back}. I’ll show you more pictures from the actual set, but first I wanted to show you how I made the hanging artwork.

I just bought four pieces of plain white foam board.

Josh Wilson Set Design Poster Board

JoAnns had some large fun colorful vinyl sheets. I decided to buy a few different colors but try to keep a similar color palette (not go completely crazy with color). From laying the sheets out at JoAnns, I knew I needed three vinyl sheets per board, so I picked out two different sets of colors and bought two sets each.

Josh Wilson Set Design Vinyl

Before I peeled and stuck anything, I laid out the vinyl on the boards.

Josh Wilson Set Design Vinyl Application

Then you literally just peel and stick {I realize this isn’t rocket science but humor me for a bit}. I used a credit card to smooth the vinyl out as it went on the board to avoid bubbles {although a few bubbles snuck in there which is ok}.

Josh Wilson Set design Peeling Vinyl

Whatever excess that was hanging off the ends I just cut and wrapped onto the back of the board. {P.S. A big thanks to Sarah from my previous job for being my project model while I took pictures and for helping me with this project too}.

Josh Wilson Set Design Smoothing Vinyl

And before I hung them up, I laid them out on the floor first to see how I wanted them to hang. I ended up splitting each same color board up so they hung every other {even though the boards are laid out with two of the same pattern next to each other}.

Josh Wilson Set Design Hanging Layout

So now, let’s go back to the set and the process of how that actually came together once the artwork was done. Below is a before. Basically just hung the black draping and lights similar to the Colton Dixon set and Britt Nicole set.

Josh Wilson Set Design Before

To hang the boards, I just lightly tapped a nail into the top corners of the board just to get a small enough hole.

Josh Wilson Set Design Hanging Art with Nail

To actually hang, I used fishing line and threaded the fishing line into the holes in each corner.

Josh Wilson Set Design Fishing Line

Here’s an up close look at one of the boards hanging. {Again, seriously these pictures are totally awful. If you aren’t already judging me for them, I certainly am judging myself.}

Josh Wilson Set Design Hanging Art

So here are all four boards hanging without any of the lights on. I hung two horizontal and two vertical. {And yes, one of the boards is crooked, but have no fear it was fixed before anything was filmed}.

Josh Wilson Set Design Without Lights

We added some backlighting in the back and here is the set with those lights and the strand of lights above on.

Josh Wilson Set Design Lights

One of the videos they recorded on this set is now up on Youtube. You can see what the finished product looked like on camera below.

What do you think? Still fun, but simple right?

I really loved getting the chance to design sets over the last few years. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to design another set again at some point in the future.

Hope you have an inspired weekend!

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