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When I switched to WordPress and was trying to get everything set up and added that I wanted, one of the things I wanted to add at the end of each of my posts was a way for readers to share the post on different socials.

I had seen different share options on different blogs but had a hard time figuring out what plugin went with each option.

Wordpress Wednesday

So for today’s WordPress Wednesday, I thought I would show you the share option I use in case you are looking to install something similar.

You can see my share buttons I have at the end of the post in the below screen shot.

ShareThis Plugin on Posts

These are generated using the ‘ShareThis’ plugin.

To install this plugin, click on add new in your plugins tab.

Add New Plugin: WordPress

In your search bar, search for ‘ShareThis.’

Search For Plugin: WordPress

The first choice that appears, is the plugin you will want to download. You’ll just need to click install.

Install Plugin: WordPress

After you have installed the plugin, you have the ability to edit and tweak your share buttons. To do this you will click on your settings tab and then click on ‘ShareThis.’

Edit Settings-Plugin

You have the ability to select whether you want your share bar to appear vertically or horizontally. You can also select whether you want to add Facebook Like, Google+ and Pinterest. I opted to just add Google +. I added a separate ‘Pin It’ plugin which I’ll show you and already have the Facebook Like box in my sidebar so I decided not to include those options in my share bar.

Edit ShareThis Plugin

You can also change the order of how your social buttons appear.

Order for ShareThis

You also have the ability to add the share bar at the bottom of each post and also add it automatically at the bottom of each page. I currently don’t have the share bar on my pages, just on my posts.

Edit ShareThis Settings

Now your readers have the ability to share your posts with all their friends and followers through a variety of ways. I’ll show you the ‘Pin It’ plugin I use next week.

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