WordPress Wednesday:: How To Install Facebook Like Box & Instagram Feed

As I promised last week, for today’s WordPress Wednesday, I’m showing you how you can install the Facebook Like Box widget and Instagram widget onto your WordPress blog.

Wordpress Wednesday

Let’s start with the Facebook widget first. With social media becoming more and more important to promoting your blog, allowing your readers multiple ways to follow your updates or posts has become super important as well. One way to allow readers a way to stay up to date on the latest posts is through Facebook. I include my Facebook icon under my ‘Keep in Touch’ section but I also included the Facebook ‘Like’ Box on my blog as well.

Facebook Like Box Widget

This allows readers the opportunity to like my blog’s Facebook page directly on my blog (they aren’t re-directed to Facebook).

It’s super easy to install the ‘Like’ box onto your blog. You’ll need to visit the Facebook Developers site here.

Installing Facebook Like Box

Where it says ‘platform’ you’ll type in your custom ID name for your blog (the ID after facebook.com/; for me it’s meganbrookehandmade). You have the option to change the size. I kept the width at 292. You can also decide whether you want a stream of your Facebook posts to appear or not. I opted to not include those since they could see a running list of all my posts directly on my blog so I unchecked the box that says ‘show stream.’

When you are done customizing, click on ‘Get Code.’

Choose the code for iFrame and copy this code.

Facebook Like Box iFrame Code

Now you will add a ‘Text’ widget in your primary sidebar where you want the ‘Like’ box to appear and paste the code.

Facebook Like Box Text Widget

You can customize the title of the heading (in my case I had it say ‘Find Us On Facebook.). Hit save and then refresh your blog and the ‘Like’ box should appear.

Instagram is another great social media tool to use to promote your blog. I installed a widget on my site that shows the latest pictures I have posted. Readers can then decide to follow me through Instagram if they like the posts they see.

Instagram Widget

You’ll need to download the plugin ‘Copygram_widget.’ You can do this by searching for the plugin and installing it like the favicon plugin I wrote about here. Once you have it installed you’ll drag and drop the widget box into the place you wish it to appear on your blog. You’ll then need to click the drop down menu to customize.

Copygram Widget

You’ll need to sign up with copygr.am. It will ask for your Instagram user name and password.

Once you have registered with copygram, you’ll add your url at the top. You can customize the title of the header that will appear above your feed, how many images you want to appear and the image size. Hit save and refresh your blog and you should now see your Instagram feed.

It will automatically update with the latest pictures you post.

Hope all that made sense!

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