New Apartment Bedroom

I’m slowly getting all settled into my new place and it’s starting to feel like home.

The place I’m renting is a garage apartment behind a couple’s house. The owners are super sweet and go to the church I’ve been going to here. They have been so sweet to check on me every now and then and I’m looking forward to getting to know them better over the next few months!

Today though I wanted to start giving you a tour of my new place. One of the the rooms I have pretty much finished unpacking/decorating is my bedroom. I don’t really have any true before pictures, but I do have these two pictures that I blogged about before.

It’s my bedroom with just the basic furniture pieces in it.

And now to show you the after.

As you walk into my room from the living room, this is what you see straight ahead. Notice my necklace holder and earring holder proudly displayed over there on the right.

Apartment Bedroom

With this move and moving into this new place, I don’t have big plans to completely re-decorate or work on a ton of projects. My goal is to use things I already have as much as I can. So you’ll notice a lot of the same decor pieces as before.

Instead of hanging my felt flower initial on the wall like my previous room, I decided to display it on my dresser.

Apartment Bedroom: Initial

Made sure that my antique door came with me of course and am proudly displaying it in my room as well.

My nightstand basically looks the same as it did in the old place. Even has my felt flower lamp shade.

Apartment Bedroom: Door

My bed is up against my other window. The curtains for both windows were actually already in the place when I moved in. They matched my stuff perfectly so I decided to keep them up.

Apartment Bedroom: Bed

You can see what my bed looked like in my old place here.

On the other side of my room is my tall dresser.

Apartment Bedroom: Dresser

Added some candles and accessories I already had on top.

Apartment Bedroom: Close Up Dresser

Directly across from my bed I hung my pallet antler wall art.

Apartment Bedroom: Pallet Art One thing I did purchase for my room was a rug. Since the apartment is all hardwood, I wanted to get a rug to put under the bed so I could walk around barefoot in the mornings and before I went to bed. It’s a teeny bit too small, would actually prefer one size bigger. But, I loved the pattern, so I’m sticking with it for now. Hoping to maybe find another similar enough to it and the same size and just put the two together.

Apartment Bedroom: Rug

What do you think? It’s always interesting to see your stuff in different environments. I changed a few things up, but for the most part, my room is the same as it was before.

Hoping to show you another finished space next week.

This weekend I’m hoping to knock out a few projects on my list and do a little antiquing. What’s on your weekend agenda?


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  1. Beta says

    I always look forward to your post be ause your so creative. It looks very cozy and cottage/country tip. Maybe add some turquoise, dark yellow, orange, or navy blue to say hi. Otherwise all that pretty white contrasting the wood looks so cozy!

  2. robin says

    Love your touch on things… daughter wanted the chicken wire for earrings but instead of a seperate piece for necklaces we put a few upholstery nails and tacked the. Along the bottom… most of her necklaces fit on thoses nails…and it is cute…


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