Colton Dixon Christmas Video Set

I showed you the Britt Nicole Christmas video set I worked on last week. Today I thought I would skip WordPress Wednesday once more to show you another Christmas video set I worked on. This time for Colton Dixon.

{Warning: these pictures aren’t great. My camera battery died and all I had was my iPhone.}

This set did double duty. We filmed both a Christmas video and non Christmas acoustic videos.

Colton Dixon Video Set

For this set I used the same black draping that I used for a previous set and the same strands of lights.

I hung a few pendant lights from the ceiling as well.

Colton Dixon Video Set 2

We rented a baby grand piano {which actually is a shell, which I’ll show you a close up of it in a bit} and I added a few battery operated candles on top.

Here’s what it looked like sans Christmas decor.

Colton Dixon Video Set 3

To make it look Christmas-y, I added a few of the Christmas decorations I used for the other Christmas set.

Christmas Video Set 4

Recognize these pop-up trees?

Colton Dixon Christmas Video Set 2

I just plopped them down around the piano.

Colton Dixon Christmas Video Set

I also hung the silver garland on the piano.

I put a few of the ‘faux’ packages that I wrapped on the piano as well. Recognize those pinecones on the packages? Yep, used the same ones on my packages this year.

Colton Dixon Video Set 4

I got the pendant lights from World Market. I loved the industrial/distressed finish they had.

Colton Dixon Video Set- Pendant

The candles also came from World Market. They are made from real wax and the packaging said they gave off a more ‘real’ candle glow. I’m not sure they really did. They still looked a little too orange-y for me. But, with all the back lighting and other lights, on camera they didn’t appear orange which was good.

Colton Dixon Video Set- Candles

I mentioned that the baby grand piano was actually a shell. Basically that means they have gutted the piano and you just put a keyboard in it. So it appears like a baby grand, but it’s a lot lighter without the ‘guts’ for renting. Pretty neat. The piano looked great on camera.

Colton Dixon Video Set- Piano Shell

Here’s the finished video with Colton’s version of “Jingle Bells.”

What do you think? Which Christmas set do you prefer? 

My set designing at work has come to an end though. Today is actually my last day at my current job. I’ve loved getting the opportunity to stretch my creativity and design abilities with these sets at work. I will miss everyone that I’ve had the opportunity to work with over the last 4+ years and will always cherish my time from this past season. On to a new season and a new adventure in South Carolina!

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