Christmas Wreath & Other Decorations

Sorry this post is up later than usual this morning. Last night was my last night here in my current place and the last night with all my friends before everyone dispersed for Christmas break. I was also doing some last minute packing last night so all in all I was up super late. Totally worth it though!

I know Christmas is only 3 days away, but I have one last Christmas decorating post for you. This time it’s all about my Christmas wreath and other decorations I had around the house.

Christmas Wreath-Door

The theme this year for my Christmas decorating was use what you have. I didn’t really buy anything and made do with things I already owned. With the move, gotta save some money! So, here’s the wreath that I came up with this year.

This is what my Christmas wreath looked like in years past.

Christmas Wreath Before

I removed everything from the old one, and started over with the base.

I had some leftover burlap ribbon from my tree so I weaved some in and around the wreath.

Christmas Wreath with Burlap Ribbon

I added some pinecones that I had painted and winterized with glitter and then re-used the red berries from the old wreath.

Finished Christmas Wreath

And that’s basically it. Kept it pretty simple.

Here’s another picture of the wreath on the door.

Christmas Wreath

And here’s a close up with some of the red berries.

Christmas Wreath Close Up

For other Christmas decorations, I also added some winterized pinecones, cinnamon sticks and red potpourri berries to the glass bowl on our coffee table {for fall I had filled it with just pinecones}.

Christmas Potpourri

Here’s a close up of one of the fun glittery pinecones.

Wintery Pinecones

I have to admit, my Christmas decorations are actually already all down. I took them down yesterday. Waited as long as I could. I’m going out of town this weekend and when I come back on Sunday, I’ll be loading up a UHaul. So I had to have everything packed up and ready by this morning.

A little depressing to have all the decorations down before Christmas, but had to do it.

My blogging may be a little sparse over the next week or so due to moving. But I’ll be back once I’m a little more settled in my new place.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and if you are traveling this weekend, safe travels!

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