WordPress Wednesday:: Learning the Ins & Outs of WordPress

I have been using WordPress since March. I’m still loving it, but I’m still trying to figure out all the different plugins available and how to format certain parts of my blog. I’m not a super tech savvy person, but I’ve certainly learned a lot since I first started blogging in May of 2011.

I know when I made the switch from Blogger to WordPress, I was super overwhelmed with trying to figure out the new back end system and spent hours googling how to get certain things to work and look like I wanted {and also bugged fellow bloggers with countless emails}.

So, I’ve been toiling around with the idea of a new series to share all the things I’ve learned and would have loved to have known in the beginning when I made the switch. And today I’ve decided to bring that idea to fruition.

I’m calling it WordPress Wednesday.

Wordpress Wednesday

I know not all of you who read my blog are bloggers yourself so don’t worry, this won’t be an every Wednesday kind of thing {just thinking every other week or so starting next week}.

But, for those of you that do blog, and currently use or plan to use WordPress, I’m hoping this series will be of some help to you!

I’ll share everything from how to buy your domain, WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org, the plugins I’m using and a little bit of html coding as well {what little I know thus far}.

So, I would love to know, do you have any specific questions about WordPress? Just leave your questions in the comments and I will do my best to answer them!

I’m going over to a neighbor’s house tonight to help them decorate/style their bookshelves. Hoping to apply some of my own tips to their shelves. Will definitely document the process and share the result as soon as we’re finished!

Happy Wednesday friends!

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  1. Heather says

    I use WordPress for my family blog. Its currently private and could stay that way depending on how “ballsy” I’m feeling. Lots of admiration for those of you who let us strangers into areas of your life!

    Heres my questions on WordPress:
    -Videos are a pain! Is there any easy way to upload them? (without upgrading to the paid version)
    -Is there a way to upload mass pictures? I currently use the app on my phone – since most my pics are from there anyway – but when I do use the live version its a pain!
    -For my subscribed readers is there a way to send the “new post” email without the whole email in the body? My readers usually just read it on their phone and miss out on my awsome pics!

    Wow such elementary questions. I bet you were hoping for some more hard hitting ones…..But like you said, I’m not tech savy just need the basics!



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