September Umba Box & Discount Code

Somehow I ended up taking a week off from blogging. Oops! Sorry about that friends! I had a lot going on last week and was still playing catch up from Labor Day weekend so somehow I never made time to blog.

But, if I’m being honest, part of the reason I didn’t get around to it was because I wasn’t feeling super inspired. And if I’m being even more honest, it’s mainly because I fell into the comparison trap. You know the one I’m talking about? The one where you look around at all the awesome bloggers in blogland who already have their homes decorated for fall and some even for Halloween. Some have started blogging about awesome fall crafts and fall ideas. I feel so behind and instead of letting that motivate me to get my butt into gear, I let it paralyze me. I not only let it paralyze me but I also allowed it to bring me down. I looked around and saw how many followers my fellow bloggers have on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and started comparing those to my numbers. Was feeling a little bummed. It’s a terrible trap that Satan sets when we become envious of others or unrealistically compare ourselves to others. Hate that I fell into it!

I think we all can fall into that comparison trap whether it has to do with blogging or our daily lives. The Handmade Home recently wrote a great post about ‘being enough.’ And boy, was it exactly what I needed to hear a few weeks ago.

I never want blogging to be all about the numbers or trying to keep up with others. I truly want this to be a place you come every morning or every afternoon with a cup of coffee or glass of tea to be inspired. If I can just inspire a handful of people than my mission is accomplished.

Ok, enough serious talk. Just wanted to be honest with you for a bit πŸ™‚ Onto more fun things!

Have you heard of Umba Box? It’s along the lines of Birch Box & Whimsey Box. You basically pay $25 a month plus $5 shipping to receive a box full of goodies each month. The neat thing about Umba Box is that they hand pick only handmade things. Goodies could be jewelry, stationery or bath products for example. They also include the story behind each artist in each month’s box.

umba box logo

I heard about it not too long ago, and figured I would give it a try and see if I liked it. My September box arrived over the weekend.

Umba Box Packaging

In this month’s box was a super cute dish towel and a yummy candle.

September Umba Box

I’m all the time looking for unique/handmade items to give as gifts {or buy for myself} since I’m all about the handmade community {after all, ‘handmade’ is in my name ;)}. So far the first month was a success!

And the best part is that Umba Box is offering a discount to my friends {you, my readers}. Use discount code UMBACANDY to receive 10% off your first month. You can also use this link. {update: the code expired 9/30/12}.

I’ll be back later this week with some fun projects I’ve been working on!

Hope you have an inspiring day friends πŸ™‚

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