Let’s Go Camping

I’ve only been camping once in my life. It’s been years ago but I surprisingly had a lot of fun despite my initial reservations. It was nice to completely unplug for an entire weekend. No cell service meant no way for anyone to get in touch with you. This was also before Facebook & Twitter {see I told you it has been YEARS…this also makes me feel really old}.



Doesn’t the idea of being able to completely unplug from all things social media/electronic sound pretty dreamy? Now, I should clarify, to me camping means a campground with a bath house. Meaning there is a toilet. I don’t need a shower, but I do need a bathroom and a sink. Some of you reading this are probably shaking your heads and saying that’s not really camping. But whatever…moving on.

Now that Fall is officially here and the temperatures at night are getting cool, it’s the perfect time to try my hand at camping again.

And I would especially love to go camping if my accommodations looked like this.



Or this.

shelter company pop up tent

{via Poppytalk}

Or this too.

nice outdoor tent


And how about these cute renovated campers.

red, white and blue camper


Definitely a way to camp in style.

airstream trailer makeover

{via Design*Sponge}

Although all these tents and campers looks super cute, I would actually prefer just a simple tent with sleeping bags. The beauty of camping is the simplicity.

So who wants to come camping with me? When was the last time you went camping?

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