Fall Fashion Ideas

After blogging about my September goals, which included decorating for fall, I’m slowly coming around to the idea of a new season approaching {keyword, slowly}.

Along with decorating for a new season, fall also means dressing for a new season. It means you can dust off your boots that have been sitting in your closet for the past month and you can bust out the cute scarves.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a fashionista. I can put an outfit together, but I typically tend to play it safe when it comes to color/style. Sometimes I look at people’s outfits and think, “I would never have put that all together, but it looks good.” But I’m in the process of trying to branch out and take risks when it comes to clothing.

Have you heard of Polyvore? Polyvore is basically a mood board creator for fashion.You can shop for individual items of clothing/accessories and then put them all together in a collage to make an outfit.

To get us into the fall mood, I thought it would be fun to round up some fall fashion ideas. And instead of me trying to put together a pretty boring/basic outfit, I thought I would find outfits that some fashion savvy people have already put together using Polyvore.

Cute date night outfit.

Fall Fashion Ideas{Source}

Cute business casual outfit.

Fall Fashion Ideas{Source}

Super comfy/cozy casual outfit.

Fall Fashion Ideas{Source}

I do have to admit that I love getting to wear boots in the fall and I love these brown boots.

Fall Fashion Ideas{Source}

I’m not always good at accessorizing, but I’m loving all the accessories in this next outfit.

Fall Fashion Ideas{Source}


Fun semi-dressy outfit.

Fall Fashion Ideas{Source}

I don’t know about you, but now I’m motivated to do some shopping!

What about you, are you excited about dusting off your boots and breaking out the fall clothes?

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  1. brittney says

    Hey there!

    I came across your blog and super cute out ideas and was wondering if you post where the items originated from? (Brand or store) Thank you!



  2. MrsMomof7 says

    I want to break out my fall clothes! But last year we moved to FLORIDA… *sigh* we don’t have fall…. I’d be downright hot in some of those cute outfits above… I miss fall…

  3. Dulce says

    I love your outfits idea! I’m 37 years and I would like like to see more ideas about my age=)..I’m happy to have found your blog!


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