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Back in May when I was really first starting to decorate my room, I mentioned that I didn’t love my current bedroom furniture as much as I once did. Mainly because my tastes have changed and I’m into more lighter and brighter pieces. Dark cherry wood doesn’t exactly say light and airy.

Down the road I might end up painting it, but for now, I didn’t feel the need to spend all that time and energy on it until it had a more permanent home. But, what I did mention is that I decided to replace all the hardware, to help the pieces fit in with my room a bit more.

I showed you what my nightstand looked like with a new knob. But, at the time, I had cleaned Hobby Lobby out of the specific knob I wanted and was waiting for the rest to come in to update all the knobs for my remaining two dressers. I got the rest of the knobs a few months back, but totally forgot to take pictures and show you guys what the furniture looked like now, fully updated with new hardware.

Dresser Before KnobsHere’s what one of the dressers looked like before I updated the hardware. You can see that I replaced one set of knobs on one of the drawers.

The previous hardware was pretty modern.

Dresser with New KnobsAnd here is the same dresser with all new hardware. I think the white knobs help to lighten up the furniture and help make them feel less modern.

Here’s my other dresser complete with new knobs.

Dresser With New KnobsIt was a fairly cheap and easy way to update less than ideal furniture.

And bonus, the knobs match the hardware I used to update my closet doors.

New Closet Hardware

In total, I got 23 knobs from Hobby Lobby for both my dressers and night stand. And because Hobby Lobby is awesome, I got them all for 50% off. Score!

Quick and easy {and cheap}, that’s my kind of update!

What about you, have you ever made a small update that made a big impact?

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