Globe Inspiration {Decorative Uses For Globes}

It’s that time of year…back to school!

I have to say, I somewhat miss the excitement and anticipation of going back to school. When you are little and starting a new grade, it meant new friends, a new teacher and a completely fresh start. In college, going back to school meant getting to see your friends that you hadn’t seen for several months over the summer and it also meant one more semester closer to graduation.

One thing I don’t miss about starting a new school year is all the homework that comes with it. I’ll take adulthood over writing papers and studying any day. Anyone else with me?

And speaking of school, what screams ‘learning’ and ‘classroom’ more than a globe? But, a globe is no longer just for our edu-mi-cation these days my friends. Globes can also make a statement when it comes to decorating.

For example, how cute is this globe light pendant? Perfect for an office or an area of your home where your kids do homework.

globe light{Source}

Or how about as a vase. Fall is right around the corner, and I can just envision this filled with gourds, pumpkins and leaves.

globe bowl{Source}

If you are a big traveler, a globe would make a great art piece. Instead of using the below phrase, you could mark on the globe all the places you’ve visited in a cute way.

globe wall art{Source}

And let’s talk about tablescapes. A vintage globe is the perfect centerpiece for a vintage tablescape.

globe centerpieces{Source}

And I know I already showed you a picture of a globe used as a vase, but here’s a teeny tiny one. These would also make cute centerpieces.

globe vase


What about you, do you have any globes that you strictly use for decoration? Do you miss going back to school {if you aren’t still in school}?

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