August 2012 Goals

I apologize for being off on my posting this week. Going out of town unexpectedly threw me off. So this week you’ll just get a few posts back to back. That’s ok, right?

I am a goal oriented person, but usually more so when it comes to long term goals. When it comes to short term goals, sometimes I’m afraid to set them in case I don’t end up achieving them. I’m basically afraid to set myself up for failure. I know debbie downer…

But, I’ve been putting off a lot of things and I thought it was high time I start setting goals each month to hold myself accountable. And since it’s the start of a new month, I thought it was the perfect time to create and post a list of goals for the month of August here today so you guys can also hold me accountable. Sound good?

August 2012 Goals

I switched over my blog back in March to WordPress and I still have posts to fix and still haven’t finished my project gallery and set design tabs. It’s high time I get my butt in gear and finish that.

Once I figure out what to do above my bed and find pillows, my room will be completely decorated and I’ll be able to do a full room reveal. Yay! πŸ™‚

When it comes to taking pictures, I’ve been taking pictures in a semi-manual mode. My goal is to really figure out how to take pictures in full manual mode. Plus, I ordered a tri-pod and it just came in last week so I’m excited to give it a try and hopefully take better pictures for the blog.

The rest are things that are fun and/or good for me πŸ™‚

Please don’t be too hard on me if I’m not able to cross everything off, but I’m sure going to try to make it all happen this month.

What about you, are you a goal oriented person? Do you set monthly goals?

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