Adding A Pop Of Color To Your Front Door

First impressions are important. You can tell a lot about a person when you first meet them.

Your front door and porch is your home’s first impression. Just like you can tell a lot about a person when you first meet them, you can also tell a lot about a person based on their front door/porch area.

So if you are a person that loves color and decorates boldly, why not spice up your front door with a fun color to match and make an amazing first impression.

Here are several fun front door colors to give us all some ideas πŸ™‚

Robin's Egg Blue Front Door{Source}

I love this color and love that the planter matches. It’s subtle, yet still fun.

Egg Plant Front Door{Source}

If you tend to be more traditional, going with an eggplant or dark navy color will still make it stand out from the norm.

Orange Front Door{Source}

I love this burnt orange color especially against the white door framing.

Yellow Front Door{Source}

If you have a sunny disposition, why not have a yellow front door to match your personality πŸ™‚

teal front door{Source}

This bright teal color just screams that someone fun lives inside!

red front door{Source}

And last but not least, red. Can’t go wrong with a shiny red front door.

Is your front door painted? If you could paint it any color, what would you choose?

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