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Raise your hand if you’ve heard of a sleeping porch? I have to admit, I had never heard of them until recently.

Can we just talk about how dreamy they are??

If you are wondering what they are, it’s just like it sounds, a porch where you sleep 🙂 By definition, a sleeping porch is “a porch or room having open sides or many windows arranged to permit sleeping in the open air.”  Back in the day, people thought that fresh air helped prevent and cure illnesses. So before there was air conditioning people would often sleep on these outside porches at night during the warmer months.

I for one love the idea of sleeping outside when it’s warm. Now, if it’s super hot like it’s been lately, count me out. But at just the right temperature, it sounds amazing. Here are just a few sleeping porches to give you an idea of how dreamy they really can be.

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These first few are enclosed with windows. So it may not be totally outside, but just imagine all the windows open on a coolish night…

Sleeping Porch-Maple & Magnolia{Source: Maple & Magnolia}

Sleeping Porch- Design Sponge{Source: Design Sponge}

And here are some that are completely outside.

Sleeping Porch- Sweet Peach{Source: Sweet Peach}

Sleeping Porch- Apartment Therapy{Source: Apartment Therapy}

{Source: Houzz}

Sleeping Porch- A Life's Design{Source: A Life’s Design}

Aren’t they all so cozy??

Adding sleeping porch to the list of things I want in my dream house. Along with a breakfast nook, an amazing outdoor living space & sliding barn doors. A girl can dream right?

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  1. Debbie says

    My grandparents had a sleeping porch in their home until 2000 when they moved. This post brought back some happy memories.

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