Ikea Purchases & Ring Organizer

Sorry for my absence all last week from the blog. I left for the Haven Conference on Wednesday and got back into town Saturday evening. I was hoping to post at the end of last week with a little update about how the conference was going, but between having spotty internet service and having full schedules each day, I didn’t get a chance to post anything.

I had an amazing time at the conference though! Hoping to do a little recap post later this week with all the lovely people I met and some of the things I learned.

But, before leaving Atlanta on Saturday, I of course had to hit up IKEA 🙂 Thought I would show you some of my purchases.

Ikea Purchases- Faux Plant, Bowl and Dish Towels

Planning to incorporate the faux plant into my bedroom.

Imitation Grain Sack

Several months ago, I mentioned that I was on the hunt for grain sack pillows. I never found any, but when I came across these dish towels at IKEA, I thought they looked almost like grain sack. Since I already found a pillow for my bed, I don’t think I’ll turn these into pillows. They were only .79 each though so I went ahead and got a few. Maybe I’ll try and make them into a cute tote bag??

Ikea Bowl Turned Ring Organizer

I showed you guys my diy earring holder a few weeks back. I actually finished a little something else to hold all my necklaces {hint: you can see it in the background of this photo}. I’ll be posting about that soon. But, I have some rings and I didn’t exactly know how to organize those. I found this cute little blue bowl and thought this would be the perfect little thing to throw my rings into on my dresser.

Ikea Bowl Turned Ring Organizer

Not fancy by any means, but I love the color and it does the trick!

I also bought a new light fixture for my room which I’m super excited about. My current light fixture is one of those ‘boob’ builder grade lights. It’s not totally terrible, but definitely doesn’t go with the look of my room. I’ve never dealt with electrical stuff, so this should be interesting. When I asked a few of the girls who went to IKEA with me about how to install lighting, the consensus from everyone was to BE SURE TO TURN THE BREAKER OFF. 😉 Got it!  If you’ve installed new light fixtures in your home, do you have any tips I should know about??

Can’t wait to get it up though and see how it looks with the rest of the room. I just have a few more projects to complete for my room before it’s completely done {for now}. Planning to do a full reveal with cost breakdown of everything I promise!

Let me know if you have any suggestions about what to do with the ‘grain sack’ dish towels too! Would love any and all ideas 🙂

Happy Monday Friends!

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    Yay for Ikea! I need to plan another pilgrimage to the promised land. I love the color of that bowl/ring organizer. I’m jealous that you got your new light fixture installed already. Mine has been sitting in a box in my office for almost 2 months now. 🙁 I am excited to see how yours looks though!


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