Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is right around the corner.

I don’t know about your dad, but my dad is super hard to buy for. He typically says he doesn’t need anything or if he’s wanting something it’s usually something he needs to pick out himself {which takes the fun out of it}.

I’m a gift person. I love getting people gifts, even if they are small items, that are personal and things that they will really like {and possibly have maybe even mentioned in passing that they needed/wanted}. But, since my dad is hard to buy gifts for, sometimes I have to throw my love of tailoring gifts out the window, and just find anything that might work.

In my quest to attempt to find the perfect gift for him, I’ve come across some fun gift ideas that I’ve rounded up that might help you in your own search. And bonus, most of these are handmade. 🙂 Love that!

1. Lisa Leonard Collar Stays // 2. iPhone Wallet // 3. iPad Case // 4. Bow Tie //

5. Journal // 6. Handmade Card

Hopefully this is somewhat helpful!

What about you, is your dad hard to shop for? Do you know what you are going to get? Would love any and all ideas! 😉

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! I’m hoping to knock out a lot more projects for my room this weekend {and hopefully squeeze in some pool time as well}. I heart summer!

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  1. Katie says

    Usually the gifts I get my Dad are pretty lame- how many pistachios can one man eat? But this last Christmas my sibs and I went in on a GPS golf watch- which he LOVED and uses all the time.

    • says

      That’s usually how my gifts are too :/ haha. But that’s an awesome gift idea! That’s the other thing, I don’t have any siblings so there is no one to go in on gifts with or help come up with ideas, haha!

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