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By now you probably know my obsession with pallets. One of the main reasons I love them is that most of the time they are free. And who doesn’t like free, especially free decor?

For one of our sets/walls in our video room at work, we were needing to figure out what to put up on the wall. After seeing some pallets in our mailroom, I thought, why not try and make some sort of wall art from those? After all, we are on a tight budget.

So here’s what we came up with.

The first step in making this was to take one of the pallets apart. For this particular pallet, we weren’t able to use a hammer to ply the nails out. The wood would start to split every time we tried. So we 2 guys at work, used a recipricating saw to cut through all the nails.

We wanted the finished product to be as large as possible, so we didn’t end up trimming any of the main boards down. We  A guy at work, just trimmed down three of the pieces a bit and drilled them to the back. {I promise I actually helped with this project. I just didn’t do much with the power tools this time around}.

We wanted the pallet to stand out against the wall so we started by painting it all white.

Then I found a bluish/grayish color that we brushed on top of the white. We made sure not to paint over all the white, but allowed some of the white to show through.

Then on top of the grayish/bluish color, we lightly painted on a gold/tan color.

It looked great with all the paint, but it was a little too ‘pretty.’

To rough it up a little more, we added a dark brown wax.

Looks yummy, huh? 😉

We used a cloth to wipe it on. Be sure to wipe off the excess on a scrap piece of wood otherwise you’ll just end up with a dark blob {trust me}.

Here are some of the spots up close that we swiped with the wax. Gives it a nice aged look.

And here’s the finished product up on the wall again.

To hang it, we just used a picture wire and made sure to get one that would hold something heavy.

So far it’s done the trick!

We had a band come in last week and we used this set. It still needs some tweaking, but in the meantime, I hung a few of the wire baskets from the recent bird cage set I worked on to add a little something else visually.

What do you think? Any suggestions on what else we should add to the wall?

Hope everyone has a good weekend! I’ve got high hopes of getting a lot of projects done this weekend. I have some of my own pallet wood that’s calling my name. Here’s to having a productive weekend!

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