I Made The Switch!

So sorry for being MIA last week. Did you miss me? πŸ™‚

I officially made the switch from Blogger to WordPress last week. Minus a few technical issues, it was a smooth transition.

So far, I love WordPress and I can see why people really like it. I got super comfortable with the Blogger backend, so it’s taken me a bit to learn and adjust to a new system. And being the perfectionist that I am, I wanted everything exactly right before I started posting again.

Well, it clearly isn’t perfect, and I still have a lot to tweak and setup, but I missed you guys! So bare with me over these next few weeks if you see missing pictures, extra pictures, weird spacing and error messages. I’m working on it!

In addition to making the switch, I also got a new blog design! What do you think? Over the last year or so, my tastes and style have definitely changed and I thought it was time that my blog design reflected more of ‘me.’ And I think the new design does just that!

I’m also super excited about my new menu bar at the top. Especially the two tabs for ‘project gallery’ and ‘set design.’

Navigation Bar

I’m currently working on setting up image galleries for those pages so that you can easily navigate to past projects and past set designs I’ve done! {P.S. if anyone knows of any good plugins to help set those pages up, please let me know!}

I’ve also installed the new fabulous linky followers widget on the right hand sidebar if you wish to follow this little blog that way.

I also gave my Facebook page the big overhaul and updated my profile picture, cover photo and added photo albums of past craft & diy projects along with some of the set designs I’ve worked on thus far.

Pinterest Tab

Did you know you can setup a Pinterest tab on your Facebook page now? It allows everyone to see all your boards and provides an easy way for people to follow you. And it’s super easy to set up! Here’s how to setup your own Pinterest tab.

I still have a long way to go with the new site, but I’m already super excited about how it has turned out!

Thanks to Elizabeth at The Mustard Ceiling for helping me migrate everything over and for also designing my new blog layout. If you are thinking about making the switch from Blogger to WordPress or are just looking for a new blog design, I would highly recommend her!

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend! I’ll be back Wednesday with the usual inspiration post.

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