Gallery Wall Set Design

I finished this set a while back at work, but just never got around to posting it here on the blog.

We have a video room at work where artists will come and record video content on occasion. We wanted to create several permanent ‘sets’ to avoid having to continue throwing something together at the last minute. We have a pretty small budget to work with though, so we are having to get creative when it comes to designing them {which is fine by me, I love the challenge ;)}.

We knew we wanted one set to have a very fun ‘pop’ look. So when it came to picking out a paint color for the wall, we went with a bright teal. And we went with a budget friendly wall art option, the classic gallery wall of frames.

Here is the final product. {Sorry these pictures aren’t that great. I took them on my iPhone}.

Pretty simple. We also have some white chairs and a white couch that we can use for this set depending on the type of content we’re looking to get.

Since we had a whole wall to fill, we thought a gallery wall of frames would be a great way to make a statement and Β take up a lot of space. And, more importantly, it’s budget friendly. You can find all sorts of frames for next to nothing at Goodwill. Here are some of the frames we scored at Goodwill.

We made sure to get a variety of sizes and shapes to make it interesting.

I spray painted some of them bright white and then some of them off white. The few circle frames we got, I spray painted them a sunny yellow to add a punch of an additional color.

I realize most of you probably know how to figure out a gallery wall, but on the chance that some of you don’t, I’ll explain how I went about this one. For those of you that do, feel free to skip to the bottom to see the finished product again πŸ™‚

After I had painted them all, I laid them all out in the floor to see how I wanted to display them on the wall.

You’ll notice that there are some additional frames not in the picture above. I realized after I got the first few that we would need more frames to fill the wall so I went back out to Goodwill to get more.

Then, in order to get them up on the wall exactly like I had them on the floor, I taped paper to the wall that was the exact shape and size of each frame.

Here’s the finished product up on the wall.

We recently taped an acoustic performance with Britt Nicole using this set. I posted this link on Twitter, but here it is again, if you didn’t see it before.

I think it really looks great on camera, don’t you?Β I’ll be sure to post pictures of the other sets as we finish them!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! It got cold here this weekend {and by cold I mean in the 50s/60s}. But still, after being spoiled with the hot weather lately, it felt like winter to me! Here’s to hoping the summer like weather comes back soon! This girl is ready for another pool day πŸ™‚

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  1. says

    Megan…LOVE this. I have one yellow empty frame in my guest room (over a white moose head) & have been wondering if I should add some more empty frames. After seeing this…I’m thinking I may give it a shot! BTW…love, love Britt Nicole! So glad I was able to meet you at Haven!

  2. Ciara says

    This is a serious rookie question {I’ve never really decorated before}… Do you use plain silver nails to hang these or do you paint them the wall color?


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