Tissue Paper Pom Pom Tutorial

As I promised on Monday, I’m back today with a tutorial on how to make the tissue paper pom poms I used in the gold set design from last week.


I have to admit I was nervous to make these. They seemed delicate and I was afraid they would be time consuming. But I was wrong, thankfully!


For supplies, all you need is tissue paper, floral wire and fishing line. The antique gold tissue paper I ordered from Nashville Wraps. They have every color you can imagine and you can buy it in bulk. I knew I would need quite a bit so it was more affordable going with the bulk option.


Step 1: Stack 8-10 sheets of your tissue paper. The more sheets you use, the fluffier the poms will be.


Step 2: Fold the sheets accordion style. Be sure to crease the edges as you go. Cut a piece of floral wire, fold it in half, and place in the center of the paper and twist to hold everything in place.


Step 3: Cut the ends of your tissue. If you want them spikey, like mine, you’ll want to cut the ends into triangles. You could also do rounded edges to make them more ‘cloud’ like.


Step 4: Unfold the tissue from the accordion.


Step 5: Start pulling the sheets up one at time. You do have to be a little careful and gentle in this step. If you pull too hard or too fast, the tissue will tear. Once you get going though, you’ll get the hang of it and be able to go pretty fast. After you’ve pulled half of the sheets up on one side, you’ll want to pull the sheets up on the other side to make it full. That’s basically it!

See I told you, easy right?

To make different sized poms, you’ll need to use different sized tissue paper. The gold antique paper I bought was 20×30. Those made large poms. To make smaller ones, I cut the paper down {on the longest side}.


The more you cut off, the smaller they will end up.


I have to admit, I bought 6 of these somewhat pre-made poms from Party City just for the sake of time. These turned out great too. You’ll end up spending more going with this option, but for those who don’t enjoy ‘crafts’ as much, it’s a great alternative.


Here’s how the white ones from Party City turned out. Look just like the others, right?


I also bought some metallic gold tissue paper from Party City to throw some shiny poms into the mix.

Let me just say, this stuff was super slippery and a little unruly to deal with. The paper doesn’t really crease so you have to quickly fold and twist before it all comes apart.


Despite how difficult it was to work with, I think it added a fun element to the mix.


Here’s a shot of the finished poms again all hanging.

This project is definitely something anyone can do. Even if you aren’t super crafty! :)Now to figure out how to re-use these at some point in the future…

I had a wonderful birthday yesterday. Thanks to all of those that left me sweet birthday messages. I have to say, I think I have some of the best friends in the world {seriously} and I felt super loved yesterday. So, thanks to everyone who made me feel special. I’m one blessed girl! Being 26 is off to a fantastic start and I can’t wait to see what this year has in store.

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Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Keri Tomsic says

    Great tutorial. Thanks! Did you ever figure out how to store them? I’m just trying to think ahead on how I’d like to save the ones I’m making for an upcoming party…I’m sure the colors will still work for next year’s party (and I”ll make 2x as many if I can save them for future events 🙂



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