Gold Themed Set Design


If you saw my tweetsat all the last few weeks, you know that I have been working on another set design for work. This time it was for Britt Nicole. Her album Gold comes out on March 26th.

With her album titled Gold, as you can probably guess, I went with a gold theme for decorations. 🙂

I had seen tissue paper pom poms around blogland for a while and always wanted to make some. I thought they would be perfect to hang from the ceiling and give a good ‘textured’ visual.

Here’s an in progress shot I posted on Instagram

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My First Flea Market Experience

Our local flea market sets up shop in town once a month. In the almost 4 years that I’ve lived in Nashville, I’ve yet to go. Crazy, right? I’ve always wanted to, but have either had conflicts on the weekends that it was open or the weather wasn’t always the best.

But this past weekend the stars aligned. The weather was perfect {a tad chilly but not too bad} and I didn’t have plans on Saturday afternoon. So a friend and I made the trek. 

The Nashville Flea Market takes place at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds. And apparently it’s among the top ten flea markets in the country. Who knew? There was definitely a lot of stuff and some wonderful gems in the mix.

Here are a few things I saw that I loved.

Cool homemade light fixtures.

Loved this little chicken wire hutch. And the fixtures on top of it are the wire frames from lampshades. Can’t you just imagine the possibilities for those beauties??

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