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We move into our new place in exactly 28 days. The purging and sorting of junk has begun. I’ve already taken a few trips to Goodwill to drop off clothes I no longer wear. I want to start fresh in this new house with less ‘stuff’ {plus I don’t want to actually have to move more things than I have to}.

So, seeing as though I’m trying to eliminate a lot of the ‘extra’ things I have, I don’t have any new projects planned for now.

But, once I get all moved in, I have lots of things planned for the new place including painting some furniture and working on my new room. So bare with more over these next few weeks as the ‘projects’ and ‘tutorials’ on the blog might be a little scarce.

But, speaking of Goodwill and projects, I have been making some trips to thrift stores every now and then to see what I can find to use in the new place. I’m trying not to buy too many things until I’m all moved and can see exactly what I’ll need/want. But with thrift stores, as you know, it’s hit or miss each time you go. So I’m just hitting them up every now and then to see if I can find any hidden ‘gems.’ 

And one of my new favorite thrift stores in town, is our Goodwill Outlet. Have any of you guys been to a Goodwill Outlet?


I may be way behind, but I had no idea these existed until a few months ago.
Now, forewarning, if you’re not a ‘digger,’ than the Goodwill Outlet isn’t for you. For me personally, I’m typically not a ‘digger,’ {especially when it comes to sales bins}, but will every now and then when I’m in the right mood. 

Unlike your typical Goodwill store where things are organized and on racks/shelves, in the Outlet things are in bins. Some of the bins are categorized like books, for example.

But then there are bins that have an assortment of things.

Talk about the thrill of the hunt. You never know what you’ll find and walk away with!

The great thing about the Outlet is that you buy things per pound (with the exception of books or heavy objects where they have a different system in place). So you can get a way better deal at the Outlet vs. the store most of the time.

So far, I’ve bought old suitcases, frames, and books from the outlet.

If you aren’t sure if you have a Goodwill Outlet in your area, here’s a link with a full list.

If you have one and haven’t gone yet, you’re missing out! You should definitely check it out. If nothing else, for the  experience 🙂
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